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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things They Said About Me...

I have a yearbook from every single one of the twelve years I attended public school although three of them seem to have gone AWOL at the present moment. Inspired by one of Mama Kat's writing prompts for the week, I broke out the nine I knew the whereabouts of and began reading some of the words my classmates had written. 
Here are a few that stood out (Some names have been omitted to protect the innocent.  And the guilty.)...

2nd Grade, 1979

To the sweetest girl in the world.  I Love You very much.


To my favorite little girl. I love you.



5th Grade, 1982

Dianne, (only ever used one 'n', Dora.  One N!)
I hope you keep bing nice and I hope you pass the 6th Grade 
(I don't remember Dora at all but good to know she was concerned about my academic career way back in the 5th grade. I hope she was proud of me for passing the 6th grade.) 


6th Grade, 1983

     Diane you are a very nice friend. Roses are red violets are blue apples are rotten and so are you.  No I'm just kidding.  I hope your life is like a roll of toilet paper long and useful.  Your very shy at school a little bit.  You take off and leave me when we're getting instruments but your still a very, very good friend and very best.  It's fun when you ride the bus with me and Kim and I'm sorry I didn't get a yearbook to let you sign if I did I'd let you sign a whole page like you did me.  

                                                      Your friend

F/F/F  (Freaky Friends Forever?)

     R/M/A   (Remember Me Always?)  

Jennifer, if you are reading this I apologize but this one had to be shared. And I am happy to report to everyone else that Jennifer's ability to punctuate correctly has improved by leaps and bounds since the sixth grade.


7th Grade, 1984

       Your (for the love of God, it's you're!) a very pretty girl.  And I like you very much.  And I loved your hair, why did you get it cut? Well stay the way you are and you will go far in life.  

(I'm not positive but I think she was trying to tell me I messed up big time by cutting my hair that apparently now looked like a smoking hot pile of horse manure.)

Hi, It has been nice year you have been a crazy gal. at the end.  So keep up the good work.  Talk alot in Mrs. Free room.
                                                                          Your friend,
                                                                            Ann M.

Kiss Sherry's butt
(For the record, I have no idea who Sherry is and don't remember Ann much either. Nor do I recall ever acting like a crazy gal at school in the 7th grade.  Even "at the end".)   

    You are truly my best and favorite student.  If I had a hundred students like you I could move mountains.  I hope you have a great summer and tons of success in the eighth grade.

                                                                                Mr. H

I did not remember this one.  At all.  In fact, I had to look up his pic to see who Mr. H even was.  Then I remembered. He was the young teacher who had little control over his class and I was the little quiet-natured introvert who didn't disrupt the class and since we went to lunch during this period, he always embarrassed me by calling me out and saying, "Diane L. is the ONLY student who can buy an ice cream at lunch today!"  I didn't appreciate the attention. But I still bought my ice cream.  


10th Grade, 1987

Hey, it's been a great year.  I'm so glad that I moved down here now...You have to admit with us two together nothing and nobody can stand in our way.  We are in charge.  You will always be my best friend...You never walked away when I needed you...We are two crazy people but hey, we have had fun, right.  Don't ever forget me...
                                                                                 Love ya,
                                                                                     Michelle A.

I must say, I don't know you that well, but from what I can tell, you appear extremely attractive and smart! I hope we become better friends in our future years, until then, "sa la vie"

(I think what K meant to say was "C'est la vie" but I appreciate his compliments all the same.)  


 11th Grade, 1988

I must say that it has been loads of fun for me and others ("Others"?) to have you in our band class, and I'm just honored to get to eat lunch with you.  Oh, well since your standing over me just dying to have your annual back I'll quit.

Oh yeh,
Thanks for the 15 cents

It has really been fun having you ride with us to school. We have had several laughs together.  I'll never forget the time you had two different shoes on.  That was so funny...Thank you for being such a good friend...
                                                                                Love ya alot!

 (Yes, I got in the car for school one morning wearing two different shoes. And I didn't even dye my hair back then. In my defense, the shoes were both red!)                                                                            

 12th Grade, 1989

  Yes, I'm here for one day.  I've been gone for months. Oh well I'm sorry.  My senior year has been really fun despite the absence of my school friends.  I didn't see you much this year but I hope while I did I was entertaining.  I love to talk to you because I get a real insight to how stupid I am.  Please let's keep up with each other after public school.  You hold a big memory in a part of my life.  Thank you.

(This one still cracks me up the most after all these years.  I always did have a bad habit of rolling my eyes which explains the "I get a real insight to how stupid I am" comment.)

Hey well it has been fun (and hard) getting to know you.  I enjoyed eating lunch with you every day and I hope you get everything you'll ever want.  Stay the way you are and you'll go far.
                                                              Love ya always, later, 
                                                                    #5  "89"
(This one reminds me how some things never change because I've heard how hard I can be to get to know a few more times since 1989!)

Diane (Miss Love),

     ....Well, graduation '89 is about here... Friends like you make school worth the time...Just because we are getting "old" doesn't mean we still can't party together... 


(Because everyone knows 18 is so far over the hill of life!)

So what did they say about you? Because I know you want to dig yours out now too.  


  1. I loved, loved your post. So innocent.It makes me want to be your BFF!


  2. Oh my gosh, so funny to look back. I saved only my high school senior year book, and found it just recently. I didn't remember half the people in it!

  3. I meant to do this one as well, but never got to it. Nonetheless, I think I'll drag out my yearbooks and give them a looksee soon!

  4. Is funny to look back and read that stuff and see what was important to us at the time.

  5. How fun to go back and re-read the nuggets of wisdom from classmates. My yearbooks are somewhere in my parent's house in Upstate NY...where I am heading this weekend. I know how I'll be spending the time!


  6. Very cool ... I only have my senior yearbook, would be super funny to read what people thought of me in 6th & 8th grade. Thank you for sharing

  7. That was fun - I really enjoyed having a look through mine as well.

    Also, "(for the love of God, it's you're!)" <-- made me laugh ;)

  8. IT's all classified. Sorry. I'd tell you but then I'd have to get you in the witness protection program and all that other stuff....

  9. After reading these yearbook entries, I'm feeling better and better about myself :)

    (a little late to the Mama Kat party)

  10. Those yearbook comments are AWESOME. I so want to go and read what people wrote in my yearbook now!

  11. I don't know you but I love you for getting your much deserved ice cream. Kid me would never have done that.

  12. Your daddy brought me a bunch of photo albums that had been in the basement!

    Looking at them and reading the stuff that I had saved and put in them was hilarious! My kids said, "was that puffy hair the style"? Of course, it was....because I was cool!

    And, some of the photos are of people that I have !no idea! of who they are! Seriously... this post makes me feel a little better about that.