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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fragments...First Week of Summer

Mommy's Idea

~Have you ever accidentally ended up with three of your favorite foods in the house at the same time?  That happened to me this week which is why I have hardly eaten anything for the past two days aside from Garden Salsa Sun Chips, banana pudding and watermelon.  

The banana pudding and watermelon were Dracen's ideas.  He went grocery shopping with me Tuesday where he begged me to buy a watermelon and the stuff to make banana pudding.  The Sun Chips, however, I have no excuse for.  I simply experienced a moment of weakness when that pretty orange bag practically did a nosedive into my cart from the top shelf of the chip aisle.  What?  It happens.


~Dracen has been going to baseball camp three hours each morning  with the exception of Wednesday and Devin seems to be going for some sort of record on how late he can sleep in.  I finally went into his room at 1 pm yesterday afternoon, opened his curtains, fed the chirping guinea pig in his room and made three attempts to wake him.  

He slept for another hour. I keep hoping that he will eventually sleep his grumpy adolescent attitude away but no luck on that yet. If I was a tattoo-getting kind of person, I think I'd get this too shall pass tattooed on both my wrists because I find myself banking on that one a lot here lately. 


~Lucky the Dog is still recovering and making himself right at home. He felt good enough to chase Li'l Bit's toy squeaky squirrel the other day and promptly received a little nip on the nose for his actions.  Big Boy could not care less about balls and toys and Li'l Bit (although she has several) only wants to play with THE Squeaky Squirrel. 

I had warned the boys against throwing it for him but they went ahead and did it anyway while I was taking a bath the other night.  But since she is only about a quarter of his size, his pride was the only thing she hurt. Bless his heart.  


I dropped the good camera over Spring Break and it hasn't been the same since.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't so I figured it was high past time to invest in a new one. I went for a Nikon this time and while I should be reading the manual while the battery is charging, I'll fuddle my way through it like I do everything else.  

It's been my experience that manuals were not written in the same way in which my brain works and I typically only resort to them in last ditch efforts.  

So hopefully, if all goes well, and I can stop stuffing my face with banana pudding, I'll soon be posting some photos of my beautiful blooming Plumeria that hasn't bloomed in a good nine years!  I give full credit to the sunroom and the fact that I was lazy about moving it back outside this summer.  What can I say?  Fuddling through works for me.

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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  1. My favorites are Reese's mini's...that you don't have to peel...!

    And, sea salt and olive oil flatbread crisps from Town House with laughing cow cheese!

    We're over 3 weeks in to summer and are working our way towards a new "routine":)

  2. Did you go from a Canon to a Nike? I can't decide which one to get!

    Lucky the Dog is making progress, yay!!!!

    We like the Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips over here. I can't even get mad at ya for the sun chips love.

  3. I have "Faith" tattooed on my ankle. It keeps me grounded, and reminds me that I must have faith to get through it all, and faith that it will be better tomorrow.... or the next day...

    Until then, there's banana pudding.

  4. I'm a great fuddler, too.

    Wish I could afford a new camera! My zoom died last week.

    Just think of Devin as a puppy; they go through times in their lives when they just need to sleep a lot :) You could also try encouraging lots of fluids before bedtime.haha

  5. I love Banana pudding. Love it!!

    Till Grandma found out.

    My mom and Grandma make it everytime I come over. Regardless of how much I have already eaten for lunch here comes a big bowl. You gotta eat it cause they kinda sit with you and watch.
    Who am I kidding, I still love it.

    Cookout has a banana pudding milkshake that aint half bad.

  6. Harris Teeter is running their Express Lane for $1.95 all summer... well worth it if it means NOT bringing the children into the store with me!

    The Girl broke my camera the other day...shutter won't open and I really dont' want to depend on my phone camera in Disney next week...buying a new one is out...what to do?

  7. The girl is a teenager now, and even though I vaguely recall being a teenager myself, I'm still AMAZED at how late she'll sleep.

    Sounds like a good week, though, what with the Sun Chips.

  8. I can never stop stuffing my face with banana pudding! Once I get started, the rest is history!

  9. I want to come play with your dogs and eat sun chips and banana pudding with you :)