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Friday, June 22, 2012

I tried to run but...

I just had the oddest dream.  I was carrying two humongous bags of dog food in a strange neighborhood when I saw a Doberman in a yard up ahead.  I realized, after it was too late, that he was on a very long chain that could reach across the road so I threw the bags of dog food down and began to run but it was difficult to run seeing as how I had wheels on the bottom of my shoes.  He was just about to attack me when I realized I was having a dream and had the power to wake myself up.  So I woke up before I was mauled.  

I don't know what to make of it.  First of all, there is no way on earth I could hoist one, much less two, ginormous bags of dog food over my shoulders. Where in the h.e. double hockey sticks was I and where was I going?  And why didn't I just skate away instead of trying to run since I had wheels and all? Weird. 

My best guess is that the dream was triggered by the two Who Dunnit? documentaries I watched just before bedtime, along with the fact that our new, and third, four-legged family member loves his vittles more than life itself and the watching of The Dog Whisperer a little too much. Because I do recall asking myself what Caesar Milan would do just before I ran which I immediately realized was a terrible idea, partly because Caesar would be horribly disappointed with me but mainly because of the stupid wheels on my shoes.

Maybe this is my new anxiety dream.  As a kid, I used to have this reoccurring dream that I was in a car all alone that was speeding out of control and I, being a child, did not know how to operate the car in order to stop it.  I would alternate that dream with the ol' dreaded falling one.  You know, the one where you always wake up before you hit the bottom of the giant hole of emptiness in which you're falling. 

Or maybe, just maybe, it's telling me I need to brush up on my skating skills since I seemed to have forgotten that one skates rather than runs when one is wearing wheels and being chased by an angry Doberman. A couple of days ago I got on the trampoline to get a little cardio in and HOLY HECK I did not remember it being that exhausting!

Anyway, it was clearly an anxiety-ridden dream and I did have to practice the deep breathing techniques I learned in yoga when the boys would not stop fighting yesterday afternoon. Not much stresses me out more than conflict and those two most definitely have a way of bringing it out in each other.  Lawd have mercy! It's a wonder I don't drink. 

And that reminded me of these pins I found on Pinterest this week...

And this one has nothing to do with parenting but since I also sometimes have to practice my deep breathing techniques while driving...

Now that's funny.  I don't care who you are.  

Happy Friday, Y'all!  

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  1. My kids fought non-stop yesterday... maybe I should try deep breathing. I wanted to lock them up in separate closets all day but, you know, that's probably inappropriate parenting or whatever. I definitely felt that first pinterest pin.

  2. all funny quotes!! have a good weekend, Diane!

  3. Oh my, these "pins" are great! So funny...and true! Being a mom is an adventure!

  4. Hilarious quotes!

    Your description of your dream made me think of my xfit work out Wednesday. It was 2 laps around the gym with a 40 lb sand bag on our shoulders! And, I don't look like that's the kinds of work outs I do!

  5. Oh my gosh, when you said you were trying to run in your dream but you were wearing skates? That cracked me up! Dreams are so illogical like that. I have anxiety dreams all the time too! Different style, but definitely anxiety.

  6. Really, really funny.

    It's been over 98 degrees here. Which, even for summer is not common. Our air conditioners were not in, and I work outside all day in it... and heat and I are NOT friends.

    Needless to say none of us were speaking by the time we got home and installed them. Yelling, squawking, bitch!ng, yes. Talking nice... NO. After a half hour in the air conditioned living room, Tony just looked at me and said...

    "And you lived in Florida, huh?"

    Needless to say I was also practicing my deep breathing exercises. And researching a new air conditioner. :)