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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Since I am itching to write a post but seem to be fresh out of words today, I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I'm currently loving.

I am a semi creature of habit.  I will go for months needing a daily fix of something and then one day, I'm just done and move onto something else for awhile.  I mean, you know, I'm not talking about the really important things like my people or my dogs.  I'm talking more along the lines of things like a certain shade of nail polish or a blueberry yogurt parfait.  

Anyway, you get the idea.  So here are a few of the things I'm digging right now (And why do I often write words that I never actually speak, like "digging"? I have no idea.)...

Reef Flip Flops I practically live in flip flops during the summer months (next best thing to barefoot) but in the past I've usually just gone for a few of the inexpensive pairs in assorted colors from Old Navy or Target.  But this year I decided to upgrade and after reading several reviews online, ordered a pair by Reef.  I have not regretted my decision yet because at the comfort!  It's even better than barefoot!  

I got them in this metallic color but they come in a couple of others too...

Caramel Frappes from McDonalds. I've never been one to drink chilled coffee.  I mean I can't even stand it lukewarm (ick) but awhile back I tasted a caramel frappe and I was sold.  I was having a hard time driving past the Mickey D's without getting my frappe fix on until I went and rained on my own dang parade by looking up the calories online.  Trust me, you don't even want to know and I don't really want to talk about it.  

I'm now trying to stick to weekends only. Sigh...

Dry Roasted Almonds in 100 Calorie Packs by Emerald I've been writing down my calories for the past two months again (ever since I reacquainted myself with the scales) and it has worked for me since I can once again button up all my pants and still breathe at the same time. These almonds are one of my favorite snacks but they are even better with a piece of string cheese which, in case you were wondering, has 80 calories per slice or umm...string.  
Neutrogena Build-a-Tan I've been using Jergens daily moisturizing self-tanner for the past three years or so but decided to break out and try something different and was pleasantly surprised with this one.  I haven't had this much of a tan since...well since I quit tanning.  

Pinterest.  I know, I know...Surprise!  But this seems to be an addiction that is not going anywhere any time soon. Where else can I go (without ever leaving the house) and find a kick arse recipe, advice on what to plant where in the yard, a laugh, an inspiring quote, a great new shade of nail polish, and a tutorial on how to make a laptop using nothing more than a mason jar, an old picture frame and a pack of batteries? And all in under five minutes? 

Plants and Flowers As in the kind you plant in the ground and in pots and keep alive for extended periods of time.  I've never really thought of myself as having a green thumb, rather a more yellowish brown shade.  

I don't know what has gotten into me but all of a sudden (ever since I had the idea to make the shade garden in what used to be the armpit and eyesore of the backyard) I just cannot get enough of them.  I'm like a drunk in a liquor store now every time I go into the Lowes or Home Depot, or anywhere else that sells plants and flowers.  I just planted a guaranteed-to-get-giant butterfly bush and an elephants ear for crying out loud.  
Via Dutch Gardens
Who am I?  

And then the other day I suddenly had a flashback of a comment I made to Darin once, years ago.  I told him I thought I'd probably find myself really getting into gardening when I got...old.  

Maybe I thought forty-one was old back then? 

Or maybe I'm just getting an early start on things? 

Yeah, that's it. I like that one better. 

Tomorrow I'm starting something I plan to do weekly (or at least until I'm bored with's that whole semi creature of habit thing , ya know?) called Wordless Wiener Wednesday where I will post ridiculous photos of the Darlings each Wednesday.  The one I have prepared for tomorrow even cracked me up so yeah, stay tuned for that little bit of insanity quirkiness..

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  1. I love elephant ears. I don't have any planted but maybe I should. I love to go to Home Depot and just walk around all the pretty flowers.

  2. I have developed a love of nonfat, sugar free vanilla small iced lattes at McDonalds-only 50 calories. Can't drive by without getting one. Fortunately, the closest McDonalds is 15 miles away!

  3. I love pinterest and might have to check out those flip flops. I'm at that age where comfort matters more than..well everything!

  4. REEFS! The only thing I like better than Reefs are Rainbows. I need new pairs of both!

    Neutragena you say? I use Jergens, but it smells kind of funny and I say I've stopped tanning, but then I spend so much time at the pool that I always get tan despite the SPF 50 and scorching myself at the beach Memorial Day weekend doesn't help!

  5. I have not tried that sinful beverage at McDonald's yet...I call it french fry willpower...if I get fries no dessert for me.
    YEa, I once thought that 31 was old...and now I am sigh

  6. I need to try Caramel Frappes. They looks so good.

  7. Your flip flops look so comfortable!