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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take a picture; It'll last longer.

Made Me Smile...
I took these from the deck a couple of afternoons ago.  Dracen loves to make the wieners run and have me take action shots.  The sight of the floppy ears and the tails flying high make me smile from the inside out every single time.

Made Me Laugh Out Loud...
I bought these three little chicks last spring and recently dug them out with my other springy things and hung them from the chandelier over the kitchen table.  I noticed the other day that something was hanging out of their beaks.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that all three of them are eating a Goldfish.  The boys immediately confessed and I could not help but laugh.  And leave them there. 

Made Me Happy...
If you know me well or have read my poem under my poetry tab entitled Redbirds, then you know that redbirds (specifically Cardinals) have a very special place in my heart.  I was outside with the camera a couple of days ago and heard one singing.  I know their song well.  I looked around until I spotted him way up in an oak tree.  He kept flying from tree to tree though never came very close.  This was the best shot I got of him with the zoom.

Made Me Giggle...
Dracen, forever aspiring to be a jack of all trades, has been practicing his photography skills lately.  I found this one he tried to take of his brother on the trampoline...his brother who has a strong aversion to cameras. I love that his little skinny flip-flopped foot made it in.

Made Me Say, WTH?
Mr. Photographer snapped this one of me while I was taking a breather in the sunroom yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure exactly what move I was attempting here but after seeing it and the photo of Devin above, it also makes me say, "Like mother, like son?"  Hmm...

Made Me Say, Aww!
I took this one of Miss Priss aka Charlene aka Li'l Bit as she paused from her backyard exploration on Monday morning.

Made Me Feel a Little Whimsical/Quirky (in a good way)
My little gnome who watches over the yard from this window on the deck, my bamboo windchimes, my Mr. Moon Face guy (we've been together for years), a seeded dandelion (they've always made me smile...weeds or not) and this faded out Globetrotters basketball Dracen bought when we took him to see them two years ago this month.  

3/19/2010...I think he's grown a foot since then!
Made Me Feel Loved...
Not really sure what Dracen was going for here (probably Charlie's "Lucky Dog" shirt) but the fact that he got his wedding band in the frame, just made me feel loved.  It's the little things... 

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  1. Such a wonderful, heart-warming post, Diane! Those pictures speak volumes!

  2. Love the pictures and the chick eating goldfish....hilarious!

  3. I love the pictures-- especially of the puppies and the red bird. And my inside got a bit mushy at that last one. With the wedding band.

  4. the pictures of your pups make me miss our little weiner. he was given to another family when i found out we were expecting twins. and lately i've been thinking about getting a dog again...and your sweet dogs aren't helping me say no ;)

  5. I agree, the wedding band at the end pulls at the heartstrings . . .

  6. Really great pics. I might have said this before...your dogs are adorable!
    Love the way the red cardinal pops out of the blue sky. Very pretty.