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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can I Borrow Your Yukata?

The other night Dracen wanted to get on the computer so he could search for a Japanese Kimono because he decided he really needed one.  Asap.  I asked him how he even knew what a Kimono was and he replied flippantly that they'd read a story at school about one.  

After helping him search the world wide web high and low for a Kimono to fit an eight year old boy that was not made with a feminine floral print, he agreed to settle on a Yukata which I discovered is very similar to a Kimono.

We tried to talk him out of spending his last dime on such a frivolous purchase by asking him where in the world he planned to wear such attire.  He replied, very matter of factly, "To funerals and weddings and stuff like that."  

Oh, of course.  What was I thinking? Duh. So I helped him spend his money on a Yukata.  It shipped yesterday. 

The child is not lacking in personality, I can say that for sure.  The Saturday before last, Charlie had to take a quick trip to Charlotte and had asked the boys if they wanted to ride with him but neither of them did.Just before time for Charlie to leave though, Dracen showed his little tail and got into trouble.  

He told him to get his shoes on because he was riding with him.  He flipped out, begging, crying, screaming...Basically just pitched a hissy fit right in the middle of the living room floor. But when they got back he was completely calm and even jovial.  Charlie said they actually had a good trip once he finally calmed down but it was a good thirty minutes before he did.  

When he was in the midst of his fit, riding down the road, Charlie said he was kicking his feet and yelling, "You're torturing me!" and then through sobs and hysterics, "Momaw says I'm gifted!"    

He's got Momaw wrapped tight around his little finger, being the youngest of her four grandchildren and all.  A few weeks back he decided he wanted to learn crocheting...This, the same boy who loves to play in the creek and hammer things and roughhouse with his brother 24-7.

And he did.  He learned to crochet.  I don't even know how to crochet.  He came home from her house one evening and gave me a quick tutorial. 

I still don't know how to crochet.  

Yesterday when I picked him up at school he began telling me he needed some dirt/soil samples to take into school the next  His momaw and popaw weren't home but Charlie drove him over there so he could go down to the creek behind their house and collect some clay, sand and a rich dark soil.   

He came home with several Ziploc bags filled with many different types of soil and then went into the backyard to collect some of our crappy red dirt.  He had two Folgers containers, one packed tightly with clay and the other with sand and all those little baggies that he meticulously labeled with a Sharpie.   

And then he admitted that he didn't even have to bring the stuff in.  It wasn't actually an assignment.  He just wanted to do it because they were talking about different soil types in Science and his teacher suggested they could if they desired which completely blew his brother's mind...  

"He doesn't even have to do it?  He's not even getting credit for it? Why?!" 

And while we're on the subject of his brother, I got yet another call from the middle school yesterday.  From the vice principal this time.  Seems he and two of his friends decided to hang out in the hall an extra ten minutes or so last Friday before going into computer class which has landed him in ISS for one school day, tomorrow.

I hung up the phone, practiced my deep breathing exercises and gained control of myself in order to refrain from hurling a lamp at him.  Because that was really what I wanted to do in that moment. 

I've threatened to talk to his principal and teachers to see if I can come hang out with him at school for a day.  Basically just follow him around from class to class.  He cringed from the inside out when he heard that so I'm thinking I may be onto something...

Maybe I'll even see if Dracen will lend me his Yukata for the occasion.  

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  1. I love reading about your boys. Your youngest is a well rounded boy and very spirited. :)
    I think the Yukata would be a great choice to show up at the middle school to hang out with Devin.

  2. I fuss and stomp my feet every time I have to drive into Charlotte too!

  3. Your family life sounds so much like my own, Diane. Abby got ISS this year, too, for not getting to class on time. Momma was not happy. It was a huge life lesson, though, because she felt like a criminal! Funny, but she hasn't had a problem since.

  4. Your family life sounds so much like my own, Diane. Abby got ISS this year, too, for not getting to class on time. Momma was not happy. It was a huge life lesson, though, because she felt like a criminal! Funny, but she hasn't had a problem since.

  5. Seems like a glimpse into my future, and I'm totally going to remember that trick about going to school with them for a day.

  6. When you are a parent of more than one child, you realize what how humorous God is. I mean, how could 2 people with DNA from the same 2 people be so different. My two girls are like night and day!

    And, lets not talk about their brother and his differences.

    God definitely has to get a kick out of watching us parents muck through stuff:)

  7. You have got to do it. Boy it would teach him a lesson. I know when I was his age if my parent had done that, I would have freaked.

  8. EEK. I wish I had self starters. I have people who don't get the connections. They can do it all, but see it as my way of keeping them from the very important business of talking news, weather, and sports with their posse

  9. Sounds like you have your hands full. :) But really... does anyone else think there's a direct mixed message when a child is late for a class they get an ISS for the day? Really? Isn't that like missing the ENTIRE class, not just the first ten minutes? *sigh* Kind of like how Youngest missed recess for 2 days because he had too much energy. Um, Duh! You don't let him run around for recess!

  10. He is just something else! I love the humiliation tactic. You are a wise, wise woman.

    I had ISS in high school for a few days and I LOVED it! I was such a bad girl.

  11. You should totally follow him around school for the day! He won't behave like he does when you aren't there, but just knowing you really will pop over and embarrass him anytime he's out of line will probably help. We do it all the time at our school! I'm hoping to get over to Charlotte during Spring Break. IKEA is calling my name!

  12. i might have to throw a party just to invite your boy and his Yukata. You have wonderful sons! Day and night; and I mean that as a compliment.