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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments...

Praise the Lord, it is finally Friday!  Which also means it is time for Friday Framents with Mrs. 4444...
~I am going on a third grade field trip the museum and then to the courthouse to watch a mock trial.   This should be fun. I actually majored in Criminal Justice but never worked in that field. I'm sure I've told this here before at some point but I laugh every time I recall it.  I said I wanted to be a police officer (I know...Me? Hilarious, right?).  My mother told Charlie once that she never worried about me following through with that one because she knew I'd never be caught dead in one of those uniforms.  Bwa Ha!  She does know her daughter.  

~Have y'all watched that new show GCB yet?  It comes on ABC at 10 eastern time on Sunday nights.  It is hilarious!  My new favorite. And do you know what GCB stands for? (I Googled it because I obsess over knowing details like that...I practically live at Google) It is based on a book, Good Christian Bitches although they say the show stands for Good Christian Belles.  Same thing, right?  I can say that because I'm from the south.  

~Dracen's Yukata came yesterday.  He asked if he could wear it to school.  I told him he couldn't wear it but that he could take it to show his class.  He was okay with that. I took a picture of him wearing it but he forbid me to put it on this blog.  Boo! 

~I booked our Spring Break trip this week. We have Spring Break here the week after Easter.  Dracen had the idea to tour the Hershey plant in Pennyslvania and we're also going to spend a couple of days in Gettysburg.  I'm excited since I've never stepped foot in that part of the country. And plus, it's a CHOCOLATE factory! 

~I'm still working on the bonus room decor.  The couch and chair haven't arrived yet.  It will be four weeks next Wednesday.  Several of the light bulbs were burned out up there so I bought some, climbed up there to change them only to realize that several of them still did not work.  Charlie said the fixtures had gone bad so I found and ordered two of these... Is it weird that I get really excited about things like new light fixtures?
~The most recent pins to my funny board on Pinterest...

Watching that show does have a way of making me feel better about my housekeeping skills.
This is so true.
I can relate to this one more than I wish I could!

Happy Friday, Y'all!  

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  1. Have fun on your field trip...should be an exciting day! I used to love going on field trips with my girls! Sounds like your Spring Break trip is going to be a blast! I've never been to that part of the country, either, but always wanted to go there! Enjoy your day, Diane!

  2. Chocolate - yum!!!
    I like this saying, (from someone else's tag line):
    Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

  3. You have a Hershey factory? Man you Americans have much cooler things to do than Canada. Well at least in my neck of the woods.
    I bet Dracen looked so adorable. Too bad that he won't let you put it up on the blog...
    Happy friday

  4. I have been to the Hershey in PA and its alot of fun. Enjoy your field trip.

  5. You'll love Pennsylvania - it's beautiful there!
    Oh, and I can SO relate to the small town "somebody knows what you're doing" idea....

  6. 3rd graders at a courthouse? Wow that's ambitious.

  7. LOL....good Christian b!tches and belles being the same thing...that just cracked me up!!! Oh, I would give both my ovaries to be in the mock trial. [If I had my ovaries that is] ---what fun. I always ALWAYS enjoy a good suspenseful day like that. [But, I hate jury duty...go figure]

    Have a super Friday and fabulous weekend.

  8. Wonder what the mock trial was about? Law & Order Kiddie Edition.

  9. Oh man, the small town thing is so accurate! Love the Hoarders one too!

  10. We are going to Hershey in May. JDaniel has never been to an amusement park. You are going to love Gettysburg. The battlefield is amazing to explore.

  11. Too funny! We were going to do Hershey in the summer. I hope you checked with them though to ensure that they are up and running in full capacity. The floods killed a lot of the animals last year and put a lot of the rides out of commission.

    Or so I heard...

  12. Hm, every time I watch Hoarders I get the urge to clean. It's a great catalyst for purging.

  13. Our spring break is the week before Easter...only two weeks, Thank Goodness! I need the break... still not written confirmation on what me kids will be doing, so I have not plans as of yet... might head your way for an IKEA trip...if I can afford the gas!

    My first major was interior design... you wouldn't know it from looking at my house *sigh*

  14. We just finished Spring Break!

    Hersey is wonderful! When you drive into the town you can smell chocolate. If you stay at the lodge, your lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc has cocoa in it.

    We drove through a town called "Intercourse". Which I thought was hilarious because it's in the middle of Amish country.

  15. I worked for many years with juvenile delinquents so I got a lot of first hand court watching done! I was always amazed at the parents.

    Love all your funny quotes!

  16. I want to see GCB. I will have to check it out on On Demand.

  17. I love these quotes. So funny. Especially the one about the Hoarders. LOL. That's exactly how I feel sometimes.