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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fragments...

~We have arrived once again at that time of year when my life becomes consumed by all things baseball.  Even more so this year because not only do I have two boys playing as usual but Devin is playing on not just one but two teams this year. I spent five hours of my Saturday last weekend at two different ball fields in two different towns.  And this is just practice stuff.  The games have not even started yet. 

~Today is a teacher workday here which gave me some much needed extra sleep. I am one of those people (unlike my husband) who does not sleep deeply until just about time to wake up.  So while he goes right into deep, peaceful sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow and wakes up with a song and a smile, I don't get there until about 4 or 5 a.m. so when my alarm goes off at 6:15? Well, let's just say a song and a smile is not what you get out of me.  

~I have decided that parenting a twelve and a half year old middle school boy may quite possibly be the most challenging, difficult thing God has ever or will ever ask me to do.  I "lost it" yesterday afternoon.  I didn't hurt anybody but I had to pop an extra dose of my anti-anxiety herbs and practice my deep breathing exercises...In, two, three, four, five....Out, two, three, four, five...In, two, three, four, five...Out, two, three, four five. Lawd have mercy!  If that which does not kill us truly makes us stronger then I'm going to be one hurricane proof force to be reckoned with by the end of this thing.

~Have y'all seen pics of Jessica Simpson pregnant? I now love this girl!  She is the first celebrity I have seen who actually looks like a real-life pregnant woman and not some super skinny toothpick with a basketball attached to her middle. I looked exactly (well you know, minus the glamour) like this when I was pregnant.  Both times.  I.was.huge! One of these days I may drag out a picture to show y'all but I can't promise anything.

~Is anyone else as excited as I am that Mad Men is finally coming back on this Sunday?  About time, AMC!  

~Yesterday afternoon, after I lost it, I went out into the backyard with the camera again in an effort to calm myself down.  And Spring, once again, worked her beautiful magic on my soul because as I was standing underneath this cherry tree, surrounded by the buzzing of the pollinating bees, this little treasure fluttered right into my view...

And just before she showed up, I looked up and saw this big guy circling overhead...

And then I turned my attention to Brisco (Big Boy) Darling, who may just be the most photogenic dog on the face of the earth. Maybe I'm just biased but is that not one handsome faced boy?  Charlie calls him Fabio.  And believe it or not, he is adopted.  Someone dropped him and Charlene (my beautiful Dachsie girl) off at a shelter in Tennessee in 2009 before the Dachshund Rescue volunteers picked them up and posted their beautiful faces on their site...

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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  1. Gotta love these Carolina blue skies.

    You didnt get invited to be on Ellen?

    Brisco is handsome. He looks like he may know it too.

  2. I love your butterfly picture. It is gorgeous with the pink blooms. Girl you should have seen me pregnant with the twins. I was huge!!!! As in scary huge.

  3. That's a beautiful pic of Jessica Simpson!

    I hate how hard the media is being on her. She's carrying big. So did I. So do a lot of women.

    She looks healthy, and I'm sure if there were a concern her doctor would address it.

    Leave her alone people!

  4. I can't stand Jessica Simpson but she is gorgeous. Can't deny that.
    So you're going to be hurricane proof?! AHAHAHAHA. I love that.

  5. Oh, just you wait until you reach those high school years! That's when the REAL fun begins! I saw Jessica Simpson on Ellen and she is so genuine! I like her now more than ever. Brisco has to be one of the most gorgeous doxies I have ever seen! Maddie would fall head-over heels-in love with him, I'm certain!

  6. Yes, your pup is super duper cute! I've been watching Jessica on Fashion Star and she's definitely like one of us!

  7. I love your outdoor pictures! We are indoors due to allergies.

  8. Middle school girls are no walk in the park...I'm just saying!

    I was huge when I was pregnant, too.

  9. I am not ready to parent teens. My oldest is 'just around the corner' to a teen and the attitude is already irritating. I totally get 'losing it' but my daughter and I clash most. She is just too much like me ;-)

    Those are very lovely pictures!!

  10. There is life on the other side of raising teenage boys! I survived three. My advice-let them know you are the boss and will remain the boss. It is hard to let them break those apron strings and still respect and mind mom! Love your photos!

  11. That's a wonderful active shot of your dog--he looks very happy!

  12. I believe God gives you JH boys to let you PRACTICE your parenting skilz to prepare you for HS and young adult boys. My boys are 31 and nearly 24 so I speak from painful experience.

    I'm just sayin' - - - -

  13. First off....the images of the cutest long-haired doxie I've ever seen. He's just more handsome than words allow. And the butterfly on the tree blossoms just take my breath away.

    And then, your 12 year old. I can say [since my youngest is now gonna be 40 in a couple of month] doesn't get EASIER!! Be it a fair warning.

    OSPREY's 'catch of the day'...come on over to view a couple of magnificent images of the regal bird if you have some time!!!

  14. First of all, what a beautiful pooch Briscoe is! Love the name!

    Now, as someone who survived raising a son, just keep repeating: "this, too, shall pass". I read once that, although everyone thinks that teen years are the worst, it's actually the pre-teen years that try your patience. Once my son reached 13, I could reason with him much better. But, oh my, beginning at about age 11..... let's just say, I can totaly relate to you losing it.
    Have faith - one day, he'll be all grown, and you'll wish you could go back for just a little while....But then, you'll realize that you have a wonderful young MAN for a son.

  15. I also love that Jessica actually looks pregnant. I hate when celebs look like sticks with a bump.

  16. Brisco is indeed handsome and that butterfly pic is gorgeous.
    I'm a little worried now about what my boys will be like in 5 years!

  17. Tween/teen boys are so difficult...who said they are easier???

    I also looked like Jessica Simpson (only worse) and am so glad to see her like that!!! But, alas, she'll probably be back to normal in 2 weeks. UGH!