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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fancy Friday...Freebird

So far this week I have survived report card day, a runaway wiener dog who managed to get by me and hightail it to the woods twice in one day while shouting "Freebird!" (okay, I imagined that freebird part) and shopping with the boys.  

Report card day went fairly well.  This year is Dracen's first year receiving actual grades which is a huge relief to me because I always felt like I needed special training to decode those progress reports in grades K thru 2.  And aside from a 91 (which is a B) in Language Arts, he had all A's.  According to his teacher he is mathematically inclined which baffles me since I have always butted heads with math myself and Darin was a Psych major.  I suppose not all things are hereditary.

I'm just thankful Charlie is here to help with math homework or I would have had to hire a math tutor by now.  I tend to get a little nauseous and break out into a cold sweat when Devin comes to me for help with his math homework.  And he's currently only a seventh grader.  

A seventh grader who is now wearing an 8 and a half in men's shoes.  His feet are now bigger than mine.  And I am so happy to report that the shopping trip I braved with both boys yesterday afternoon was a success because the red Addidas are no more!  He found a pair of blue Nikes that he thought he could live with.  Now if I could just get him to stop wearing those black dress socks with them. 

He tried to tell Dracen last week that a shirt I wanted him to wear to church was not cool.  I informed him it was "in style" and he then had the audacity to challenge my fashion skills and question how I knew what was in style.  The nerve! 

Speaking of fashion skills (ahem) let's get this show on the road...

Open Knit Infinity Scarf
I think this is just about the cutest infinity scarf I've ever seen.  It comes in three color combinations at Old Navy but this one is my personal favorite.  

Frost Free Shawl-Neck Jacket
This comes in black too.  

Mixed Beads Stretch Bracelet
Love this!  
Embroidered Mirabilis Dress
This puts me in touch with my inner hippie chick!

Big Sur Stones Watch
I can't get enough of these wrap watches. 

Nine West Lock and Load Satchel
I'm more partial to totes and hobos but I've found that those don't work so well with ponchos so I've been searching for a satchel. And I think this one is really cute.  

Suede Flats 
In my opinion, this is just about pure perfection in a pair of flats.  And they come in three other colors. 

Wool Herringbone Peacoat
Because who doesn't love a peacoat?

Formiga Gray Cardigan
I love the fancy sleeves on this open front cardigan.  

Tweed Mini 
I love this color.  It's not every day that you find a great tweed skirt in "Duck Egg Melange".

Feather Drop Earrings
For the freebird at heart.  
And that's it for today.  Y'all have a great weekend and don't forget to Fall Back tomorrow night!  

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  1. Fashion wise I am ignorant so to say I do like the earrings may or may not be a good thing. But I do know what I like.

    The wife fears math homework. That is my domain up to a certain point. There is 16 yrs between my oldest and youngest. Why do they have to come out with new math every year when the answers are still the same?

  2. OK. Today's picks were "to die for". I like getting to wear fall clothes:)

    My boys don't wear black socks with shoes because I've threatened their lives. They wear collars buttoned all the way up! And, my girls, wear them unbuttoned, too low!

  3. is a life saver for math. If your little guy already likes math he will love khanacademy. It will be a gift all the way through college statistics and calculus. They are even putting science and other subjects on there. It begins with basic counting so no kiddo is too young. I use it in my special ed program and have loved watching lights go on in little brains.

  4. I'm in love with the houndstooth purse!

  5. Oh how I love your sense of style! I'm glad he did so well on his report card. I was awful in math when I was doing it for myself, but I have to say that when the kids got into middle school and high school, I made it my personal challenge to learn it along with them again. Wouldn't you know that I actually came to enjoy Algebra? It was like solving a puzzle for me! Weird, I know.

  6. I love the clothes you highlighted. Congrats on the wonderful report card!