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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rant Ahead...Proceed with Caution!

Yesterday was one of those days that made me want to whup up on somebody...  

I got a call last week from the company who was supposed to deliver our new entertainment center.  She first gave me a time frame for Monday morning between eight and twelve, which was fine by me.  Then she called me back the next day and said it looked as if it was going to be more like three to five.  I told her that would probably be fine but that I had to pick up four kids at two different schools from two to three twenty-ish.  She then told me it would most likely be closer to five since we were last on the list.  

Charlie also arranged to be home before three so that we could move things out of the way first and just because I typically do not deal well with the incompetence I have found that most of these home delivery/service people tend to possess. Not all, mind you, but most that I have personally come in contact with. I almost lost my mind on the guy who came out to set up our Direct TV after we moved into this house and it's just really safer for all involved if someone else is here, if at all possible.  

Well, I was enjoying my first thirty minute break at home yesterday, the one after my class at the gym but before my first school pickup when the phone rang.  It was a guy from the delivery company, who by the way did not speak very good English, telling me he'd be there in about fifteen to twenty minutes, which would be two o'clock and five minutes before I had to leave for the school!  And, which I pointed out to him,  was a whole hour earlier than the start of the two hour time frame I was given.  

He, the best I could tell through his limited English, really did not give a flying flip and was not going to work with me at all.  And this was where I had to dig down deep in my soul and muster up every bit of strength I had to bite my tongue and swallow my words.  

'Cause I was straight up pissed.

I called Charlie up and informed him of the situation.  He told me he was already on his way home and wanted the number of the man with little English to see what he could do.  Which was pretty much nothing because Mr. "I don't give a flip" said he was only a helper and eluded that he pretty much just wanted to be done for the day and that they were headed back to the shop.  And nobody ever returned the message he left at the office. Until this morning when I got a call asking if tomorrow morning was good.  And there was really no apology.  


And to top all that off, it was time for two week progress reports at the middle school, which really did not go well.  Also, I knew it should be about time for his school pictures to be in.  I blogged last month how he didn't bring his form home but I knew it was picture day thanks to the school page on facebook.  So I gave him a check that morning for the same amount Dracen's package was at the elementary school because it was the same company, told him to fill out the form for that package, put the check in there, hand it to the photographer and to smile. 

He told me he did.  

So yesterday I asked him once again if his pictures were in since Dracen's were in a week ago and he said to me, "They gave me this paper with a proof on it where you can order them but everybody else got pictures so I don't know."  

It was a "LAST CHANCE to order pictures" form with a mug shot of a scowling boy who resembled my oldest son with the word "PROOF" stamped across his face. 

"What happened, Devin? Did you not fill out the form and give them the check!?"  I barked.  He assured me he did so I went online to check my bank statement and while Dracen's had cleared, his had not.  Somehow I felt that I'd been hoo-dooed  and I was not seeing the humor in it.  At all! I have the sneaking suspicion that my check ended up in the trash can or crinkled up on the bottom of a middle school locker.  

So much for having a school pic to document each year of K thru 12!

I am sure that someday, in the very distant future, we will look back on these days and laugh.

But right now I'm still feeling a little like this...

Good thing I have yoga today!



  1. Oh man. A day like that just might push me right over the edge right now. I loved the picture, though - lol!

  2. My oldest had Direct TV come to install a dish. It was spose to be between 9 and 12, It was 1 when he got there. He looked and did not have the correct mounting hardware on the truck. He told her he would be right back. 2 hours later he called saying he was sick and would not return so she should call back and set up another appointment. They wonder why we rant.

  3. Delivery men are the face of these companies that spend enormous amounts of money on advertising. Perhaps they need to rethink their efforts and truly put customers first.
    Take a picture of your kiddo while he is sleeping and possibly drooling and put that in your frame. Bet he will turn in the form the next year and maybe even smile!

  4. Oh girl, I'd be feeling the need for a little whup action too! Not a great series of events in the least!

  5. Please tell me before you went to bed last night you at least had some chocolate, some coffee, some...whatever it is that takes you to your happy place?

    What a crappy day!

  6. Jerks!! I hate when they think they can screw us...Hello! We are paying you! WE ARE PAYING YOU!!
    You poor thing.

  7. I felt that way tonight with a telemarketer.

    She was so mean to me.

    Pass that frying pan, would ya.

  8. Aw...what a horrible day! Those service delivery people are something to deal with aren't they?? Hubby usually reminds me: if they were rocket scientists, they wouldn't be delivering (whatever). As for your little one...well, all of us moms deal with something like that. But I know how disappointed you must be about not having a school picture. (I'm missing a year of my son's school pictures too.)
    Love the frying pan, photo. And a note to "The Empress", two words: caller ID.

  9. When you're finished, can I borrow that frying pan???

    Girl, I would be so pissed about the entertainment center deal. They'd have to taze me to calm me down from that one. I, too, do not do well with incompetent service people.

  10. I am also feeling this way about work. I try and accomidate people and be nice and all it gets me the next day is a head ache.


    But in the end, it's who I am. So I guess I'll never learn.

  11. I don't think people know what they're doing when they push moms to the limit. We have lots of practice in making other people miserable. It's part of our job.

    And that last picture... yeah, totally cracked me up! It reminds me of Rapunzel's frying pan in Tangled. I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that I watch that movie every chance I get.