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Friday, April 16, 2010

An Unfancy Fancy Friday

I had really planned on and looked forward to finally sitting down last night around 9pm and putting together my Fancy Friday post but for the second night in a row, we could not get online.  All lights are green but no go when we tried to sign in.  Charlie says they must not have the capacity to accomodate all the users they have.

Well, this is just not acceptable.  Looks like I'll be making a call to AT&T when I'm done with this post.  Mama is gonna have to put the smackdown on somebody. 

I thought about centering this post around fancy things I'd like to see in my house since I do have an entire house to decorate but I'm just not really feeling fancy today.  Instead I'm gonna talk about things I like to wear when I'm in an unfancy mood but still need to look presentable. 

I absolutely love these linen pants by Ann Taylor Loft.  I have a similar pair in cotton that I bought there last year and remembered how much I love them when I wore them Sunday afternoon and again yesterday.  I've gotta have a pair of these linen ones.   

I love, love, love a good fitting pair of denim capris though I have a hard time finding any kind of denim to fit me right.  I'm thinking I may have to stop by Old Navy the next time I'm near there and try on a pair of these...

Don't they just look so comfy?  

Gotta have a comfy tee to go with those capris and one of my favorite brands is Land's End.  This one comes in 18 different colors!  Gotta love that.

Everyone needs a good hoodie especially this time of year when it's so chilly in the mornings and evenings and hot during the days.  I really like this one from Gap.  It comes in 5 colors for $39.50. 

When it's cool out, my choice of casual shoes are my cute little Skechers.  I have the gray and green but they come in about 3 other colors too.

I had rather, however, be wearing a pair of flip flops.  I found this Clarks spa pair on Piperlime.  

Well, since it has now taken me over half the morning to collaborate this unfancy Fancy Friday post seeing as how the internet went out yet again and I had to jump through hoops with AT&T tech support, (who is now at the top of my you know what list), I'd better go get busy unpacking some more boxes!

Maybe next Friday I can muster up a good dose of fancy for y'all.

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. I am very unfancy. So this post was right up my ally. I love my Lucky jeans. I have 3 different pairs and love the way they feel and look. For the price, you have to love them.

    Have fun unpacking boxes. I've got to clean house and find my car key.