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Monday, April 5, 2010

No Blood Loss

Spring Break. But, shhh....the demolition duo is not up yet.  

My entire Saturday was spent in the Dracenator's terrifyingly overwhelming monkey room (yes, it is decorated with surfer monkeys...don't ask) sorting through the mountains of Pokemon cards and monstrous Nerf guns which, thank God, are missing most of their ammo. 

By the way, the next friend or family member who gives the Dracenator or Dev, for that matter, a weapon of mass destruction is gon' have ta answer to ME! 

I'm not kidding.

The Dracenator "helped" me by bouncing on the bed and balancing upon the edge of the toy box and swinging off the closet door while he bellowed out to me what was to stay and what could go to Salvation Army. 

The boxes to go to the new house were aplenty...wish I could say the same for the donation box.   We are still.not.finished!  I will be re-tackling this insanity yet again today when my sleeping angel awakes, which by the way, that tornado on two legs does have a sweet nurturing side about him.  

He loves to "wait on" and assist when the mood strikes him.  Last night he kept popping Easter candy in my and Charlie's mouths and he has been known to fix me a cup of cold coffee after it had been sitting in the pot for twelve hours but hey, it's the thought that counts. 

I realized at around 6pm Saturday night that we had no plans nor had I put any thought into what we would do for Easter dinner.

I certainly had not intended on cooking in the midst of all the chaos.

I did, however, manage to take the time to boil and assist in the dyeing of 18 eggs which of course, the loving brothers found a way to turn into a fierce competition.  

"My egg looks waaay better than yours!"

"No, MINE is BEAST!"

"Moommm! Whose egg looks better?"

God help me.  

We ended up going to Fatz for dinner which actually turned out to be a much more enjoyable experience than I had anticipated.  There was very little competition and they actually shared a dessert with no blood loss. 

Afterwards, we went over to the new house to check things out and take a few Easter pics.  There is an intercom system throughout the house that you can also play the radio through. 

You can imagine what fun the two of them had with that.  After walking around the yard, I went back in the house where they were breaking into full runs and crashing and sliding across the hardwood floors while making some sort of tribal shrieks with the radio cranked to some Hip Hop station with a rap song blaring. .

While I was trying to figure out where in the heck the Dracenator disappeared to in the house and how to turn the radio down, I realized that there is also a speaker out back on the deck which had been turned to full blast. 


We haven't even officially moved into the neighborhood yet and already we have a reputation. 

We did manage to get a few good shots with the camera though...

Love this one of the Dracenator at the front door looking all sweet.  This is why I keep
 that little monkey around!   
Me and Dev Dev.
  Where did my little boy go and who is that handsome young man in the pic beside me? 
I found this, my very favorite, red tulip blooming in the backyard.

And here we have the pic that ended our photo session for the day.  A beautiful pic of me and my husband and the Dracenator who hopped up on the brick wall behind us in order to crash our pic but instead crashed to the concrete drive below just after Dev's finger left the release button.  Ahhh....

Don't worry.  He only suffered minor injuries with no blood loss! 


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  1. Love the photos! Glad there was not blood loss! Boys!!