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Monday, April 19, 2010


Since I am 39 today, I'm making a list of 39 discoveries/highlights of my past year:

1. Traveled to the continents of Europe and Africa for the first time and the countries of Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar.  The best part about this was the spontaneity involved.  Thanks, Jenn C.!
2.  Took a family trip to Disney World and vowed to never, ever go there in June again.
3.  Dracen lost his first baby teeth and cut his first big boy teeth.  I love his little squirrel smile.  
4.  Discovered a love for Zumba. 
5.  Celebrated the 20th year anniversary of my high school graduation and reconnected with some friends I had not seen in  many years...nothing like "old" friends. 
6.  Said goodbye to my beloved Dixie Dog.  I was blessed with 14 years of unconditional love and while I still miss her so much every day, I will always be grateful for the years I had her in my life.  She will forever be in my heart.
7.  Adopted Brisco and Charlene Darling and highly recommend adoption to anyone considering getting a new pet.  They have so much love to give and are just so grateful to be with me. 
8.  Celebrated one year of marriage.  Thanks for the Love, C.!
9.  Celebrated Devin's 10th birthday and 10 years of being a Mom.  Most challenging yet rewarding role God has ever blessed me with. 
10.  Rekindled my love and passion for reading.
11.  Decided having a real tan is not worth the risks involved.
12.  Discovered a love for self tanners.
13. Marveled as I watched both my boys excel at a new sport.  Football for Devin and Soccer for Dracen.
14.  Experienced my first broken bone of motherhood when Dracen broke his collar bone which just also happens to be the only bone of my own I have ever broken.
15.  Entered the 21st century by getting our first flat screen t.v.
16.  Got my first crackberry blackberry.
17.  Surprised myself by crying hysterically over the death of a hamster.
18.  Agreed to get the boys guinea pigs for their birthdays and discovered just why it is that they are called "pigs".  Like I needed one more thing to clean!  I'm such a sucker for cute little critters.
19.  Found a new love in velvet cake flavored yogurt.
20.  Went sledding for the first time in eons and remembered why I loved it so much as a kid.
21.  Convinced myself that time travel really is possible.  I strongly suspect this has something everything to do with the Diana Gabaldon books I've been reading though I have been fascinated with the idea of time travel for as long as I can remember.
22. Went back to an artificial Christmas tree since I finally made the startling revelation the year before that my stuffy head and sneezing during the Christmas season may in fact have something to do with the live tree in my house. 
23.  Rediscovered how the emotion and grief brought about by a great loss creates an overwhelming drive and desire in me to connect with others who can relate.  Losing Dixie Dog introduced me to some wonderful new online friends. 
24.   While in Spain, I realized just how "hurried" we always are in America.  I wish we could learn to slow down the pace a bit.
25.  Experienced divine intervention.  We can push and force with all the will and might we can muster up but it's not gonna happen until God says the time is right.
26.  Though I've been a homeowner for many years now, I actually bought a house for the first time.  
27.  After 18 months or so of looking for a house, I now understand why the three most important factors in buying a house are:  Location. Location. Location!
28.  While I have always known that we are creatures of habit, I discovered during my move just how great a truth that really is. 
29.  Also discovered how much "stuff" I had that I just didn't need, want or even know why I ever had in the first place! 
30.  Found out, in yoga class, that I'm still flexible enough to do a shoulder stand.
31.  I am no longer, however, able to ride every roller coaster in the park without getting nauseous.  I know this because I almost vomited and crashed to the floor when I got off one that started going backwards halfway through at Disney.  Took me hours to shake that one off.
32.  Found out my oldest niece, Beth, is having a baby this year which will make me a great aunt and it's gonna be a girl so I get to buy baby girl clothes again! 
33.  My great aunt, Carrie, went to her eternal home in heaven this year.
34.  Experienced, with the discovery of some old books, how we can connect with souls we've never met and some, even long after they've left this earth. 
35.  Decided that I would not beat myself up over eating something decadent and full of empty calories on occasion.
36.  Came to the discovery that I am officially "old" in the eyes of my children since they absolutely can't stand my 70s and 80s music I like to play in the car and I can't understand how they can listen to that stuff they listen to.
37.  Devin did tell me that I was now cool when I got my blackberry last summer though.  
38.  Realizing now how many 39 actually is since it has taken me 3 hours to do this and I thought it was gonna take me no more than one.  I was gonna have a hundred other things done around here by now.  Oh well, it is my birthday!
39.  Started this blog and so glad I did!  

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  1. Happy Birthday! I have thought about you all day, but just sat down to get on the blog. I actually have you a card and a "little treat". I think I'll get it in the mail by Wednesday. Sorry it's late. I guess it gives you something to look forward to.

    Happy, Happy, Day!