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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Digging Dachsie and a Frozen Head

How is it that packing can be so mentally exhausting? I swear all I did was pack boxes all day while Charlie carried them out and hauled them to the new house but I.was.whooped!

I allowed myself to lay across the bed around 6 pm which was a big mistake. I got up a few minutes later and stared aimlessly at the bottom of Dracen’s toy box, picked out some teeny tiny hodgepodge items containing coins, Star Wars figures, Jenga blocks and broken pencils before calling it quits on the packing for the day.

You coulda stuck in a fork in me cause I was done.

My brain was so fried from sorting through the good, the bad and the ugly that I completely spaced out and forgot to watch the Idol results show.  Instead I had to google the results to find out it was Big Mike and the judges used the save on him.

Once again.  Thanks, Google!  

Brisco Darling has not helped my sanity much this week since he has appointed himself as the Chief Dachshund in charge of the Mole Patrol.  Or at least I think that's why he has been so diligently digging a hole the size of Texas in the backyard every time he goes outside.  

Some little critter underground has really set off his badger dog instincts and if I have to wash the roots and red mud out of his paws one more time this week, Ima gone LOSE it!

Crazy little wiener dog.

He's lucky I'm such a sucker and a softie for those
big ole' brown Dachsie eyes.  

You see what I mean:

I can never stay mad at that face.

Well I survived packing up the bathrooms yesterday which didn't turn up anything too scary or grotesque but still ended up taking up most of the day.  

Today, it's back to the Dracenator's room.  Ugghh.  Then I must tackle the freezer down in the basement which is leaving me shaking in my boots a little cause I know Darin had a deer head in the bottom of that thing. 

Yes, a deer head.  

And it's been down there for like 6 and half years now. How creepy is that?  I think he had intentions of having the thing mounted and well, I was just never able to muster the courage to dig that thing outta there. 

Well, the time has come. 

Oh, Charlie???? 


  1. Yeah, that is way past mounting now. And you better wrap it up real good before you throw it away are people are going to think y'all are poachers. Plus... the stink. Ewwwww.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. When we cleaned out my grandparents 2 Freezers there was a deer head my cousin had put in there. It's still the talk of the family 10 years, later. Gross!

    I hope you have gotten almost everything packed up and can start your new chapter in your new home. Thank God for his new mercies every morning.

    Back from Guatemala. It was beautiful.

    Gotta go get back to reality.