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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springing Forward, Doggie Dresses and O.P.P

The whole springing forward one hour for daylight savings time has never been a close friend of mine but it insists on showing up every six months anyway. NOT good on people with morning issues like me and the Dracenator. I think my two alarms (cause one would never get me up) went off for a total of about 25 minutes before I drug it outta bed this morning. Luckily, I allow for my lack of morning chipperness by keeping my bedside clock set a good 20-25 minutes fast and I leave my blackberry, which I use for my 2nd alarm, in the kitchen so I have to actually get up to shut down that oh so annoying tune. Then there came the whole big challenge of getting the Dracenator awake and dressed and well, you can imagine how that went. Good thing is, they are both at school,though not after a fight that broke out between them in the bathroom this morning, but hey,I got them there in plenty of time with no major injuries so Yay Me!

The weekend was pretty low key...Charlie and I checked out the Hickory home and garden show which was pretty much a flop but I did find Li'l Bit the cutest little homemade Spring dress. Yes, I know she's a dog but you know I was a little girl who loved her baby dolls and seeing as how I did not get a human girl baby to dress up... I tried it with Dixie Dog but she let me know quick that she would not tolerate any such nonsense... Li'l Bit, however, actually seems to like it as she wore the dress all weekend and never once tried to get it off! Now I realize this is probably odd and maybe even irritating to some of you and I was undoubtedly one those people at one time in my life but I'm just super psyched about Li'l Bit's like or at least tolerance to wearing a dress. Come to Mama, Miss Priss, and bring on the doggie dresses!

Now is that not precious?! You know it is!

Yesterday after church we spent the afternoon at Popaw Bob's and Momaw Pat's. Momaw Pat served Rubens and Subs and then some of us took a walk down by the creek and through the woods with the Popaw. This was followed by coming home and taking a nap, something I rarely do, but hey, my body is still really confused about that missing hour...One would think a body would get used to this but I suspect I'll keep searching for that hour for at least a week or two.

I have a hair appt. this a.m which I need to be getting ready for. I have mixed feelings about this cause my hair has actually been looking really decent for the past couple weeks and I've gotten more compliments on it than I've had in well, forever! So...I don't expect I'll be making any major changes to it.

I just heard that song O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature on 90s XM after dropping the boys off at school and now it's stuck in my head and I'm sure will be all day! "I'm down with O.P.P....yeah, you know me!" Remember that one?

Okay, on a more serious note, I felt my pulse rising and my head bout to explode when the boys tested me this morning but I took some deep breaths and reminded myself of another great passage out of that old book I found by Marjorie Holmes so I'm gonna leave you with this....(I think I'm gonna be quoting this book a lot)


Thank you, Lord, for this glorious day.
Bless the carpet beneath my feet and the bombardment
of hot and cold water that freshens my waking skin.
Bless the breakfast I am cooking for my family, and the
special music of morning around me-doors banging, the
clatter of forks and plates, and the rattle of lunch boxes, children
demanding, "Mom!"
Thank you for my healthy available presence that is able to cope with them.
Bless the husband who provides all this. Be with him as he sets off for work;
fill him with a sense of his own worth and achievement, enrich and enliven his day.
Bless the teachers and that marvelous institution that claims my offspring
for the next important hours. Please let them be good there,
happy there, bright and able to grasp the lessons there, and oh,
thank you that they're well enough to be there.
Now bless this quiet house-even its confusion and disorder
which speaks so vividly of its quality of life.
Thank you that I have the time and strength to straighten it.
And thank you for the freedom to sit down with a cup
of coffee before I begin!


  1. Great post! I can relate to all of it, especially the coffee. Have a beautiful, sunshiny day :)

  2. What a great book! I'm not a morning person. That has been the hardest part my job over the past 2 1/2 years. Usually Richard and I both get up at 6:00. It takes both of us to get everyone out the door by 7:30. I will say it has gotten easier. I have my cup of coffee and my Kashi bar on the way to school. On the way to school, we say morning prayers. One thing I have found myself saying more often is "thanks" for the beautiful day. Driving 3 miles from mtn. campus to main campus at Berry is so amazing. The sky is often a pallet of colors. There are deer, wild turkeys, and cows we pass on the way to school. I believe that God is an artist. He wanted us to appreciate the beauty of his earth as well as his creatures (wearing dresses and all). So go for your doggie dresses!

    We get to sleep later this week because we are on Spring Break.