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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patience Is A Virtue

Delight thou in the Lord, and he shall give thee thy heart's desire. Commit thy way unto the Lord, and put thy trust in him, and he shall bring it to pass.  (Psalm 37: 4-5)

I've got the grocery store and the dentist today and the lady at the car riders line this morning was waaay too chipper  manic for my 7:30 a.m. taste! 

Okay, that wasn't nice but I had not even had a full cup of coffee yet. Morning people scare me.

Well, it is upon me...Baseball Season. The boys each have their first practice tonight, same time, different places.  Here we go! 

Since they've both outgrown their cleats and ball pants from last year, I took them to Dick's immediately upon picking them up at school yesterday.

What was I thinking? 

They broke out into a small fight in the dressing room and the Dracenator tried to dracenate the place and insisted on breaking out into a full run across the shoe department in order to test out each pair of cleats he tried on. 

Two different sales guys must have asked me 155 times if they could help me. I must have looked as if I needed it.   I was oh so tempted to ask him for a martini. 

I can't believe I thought we would get groceries afterwards.  BaHaHa!  I was spent after that little trip.  Good times.

On another subject, our closing appointment on the house is officially set for March 30th.  It is actually going to be on the exact day we had planned.  Wow!  How did that happen? 

We looked for a house for quite a long time...19 months, and mostly we just couldn't find what we were looking for but the couple of times we were prepared to move forward on something, we were told it had gone under contract.  I believe that was God intervening because He had something else in mind for us. 

I got very impatient many times in the search of the perfect house for us although I knew that He would send us the right one on His time which is always exactly the right time.

That is not an easy task, to say the least, for most of us.  Waiting. Practicing patience.  Praying and trusting.  Having 100 percent faith in Him.

I struggle with it as much as anyone even though I know that when I do allow things to happen on His time, they always go so much smoother than when I try to force them. 

Patience is a virtue I hope to improve upon. 

I'm closing with the words of Marjorie Holmes once more...


Lord, let me not be so impatient when my life doesn't go according to my plans.
Let me remember that there are many ways to serve you,
many paths by which to reach you.
Help me not to be so baffled when I start one direction
and seem to find you leading me another.

I am often dismayed.  I protest.  I  waste valuable time insisting,
"No, no, I can't, I won't!"
Then your hand steadies me.  I go forward-not always willingly,
but at least without resistance- and lo, the course
is often more fulfilling than that which I had chosen for myself.

Lord, help me to remember this when I am shocked
and disheartened at the changing of my plans.
Let me trust in your wisdom.
Let me flow cheerfully into the stream of your will.


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