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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice and Globetrotters in Spring

Ah, Monday...sweet, despicable, inescapable Monday! 

Friday night I took Dev and his buddy to the St. Patty's Day dance, then the Dracenator and I headed to the theater to see Alice in Wonderland. I don't recall Alice wearing armor and packin' a sword and I am a Johnny Depp fan but I have to admit, he can be a little disturbing at times.  The guy has got the freak persona nailed down!  Overall, I did enjoy the movie and the Dracenator was glued to the screen for the entire duration.

Saturday night we headed to Charlotte to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  I had never seen them before myself and I have to say, though I was not looking forward to it, I did enjoy it.  They are quite entertaining.  

The Dracenator has now decided that he wants to be a Globetrotter when he grows up.  He really wanted a jersey but after seeing that they were $65, he agreed to settle for a $25 t-shirt since he was using his own stash for souvenirs.  He wanted to take it to show off to his Sunday School class yesterday but his older and so much cooler brother, convinced him otherwise.  He did put it on immediately upon returning to the car and also wore it to school today.  I may have to bribe him in order to wash it.   

Here he is after the game: (Dev refused to let me take his picture)

Yep, it was a pretty good weekend.  I hope yours was too.  I am sooo happy that Spring is finally here and I had my toes done Friday so I am flip flop and sandal ready!  Stick around, Mr. Sunshine.  I miss you when you're gone. 

I leave you with a poem...

Springtime Wonder
by Marilyn Ferguson

The sky has never looked so blue
Never a breeze so sweet
Flowers burst forth in brilliant array
As April come to greet.

The trees stand tall in their glory
Tender leaves cover limbs once bare
Yards filled with laughing children
Can you match the splendor there?

There is nothing quite as pleasant
As a walk in springtime hours
The bees even harmonize with life
As they drift among the flowers.

A golden rainbow after a storm
Beauty beyond compare
A taste of heaven here on earth
With green grass everywhere.

God softly whispers to us
As gentle rains caress
The countryside with drops of life
In such pure tenderness.

And if you listen close enough
I'm sure that He'll impart
The freshness of spring upon your soul
And a flower in your heart!

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