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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wiener Dog Wednesday...Milo and Bonedigger

The other day Charlie somehow stumbled across an online article about a lion and a pack of Dachshunds that are BFF at an exotic animal park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. I was at first appalled for the obvious reason that an itty bitty wiener dog would probably look like a delicious afternoon snack for a ferocious beast like a lion. So I said, "That is insanity! I would NEVER put my babies in a pen with a LION!" 

I decided to google more about it myself and here's the basic rundown:

*Bonedigger (the lion) was born with a metabolic bone disease that has rendered him mildly disabled.

*Milo (the Dachshund) and his litter mates were first introduced to Bonedigger when he was just a four week old cub. They have been inseparable ever since.
image source
*Milo, for whatever reason, seems to have formed the tightest bond with the now 500 pound Bonedigger and even licks his ginormous teeth clean for him.

*They all break bread munch on raw meat together. Yum-yum.

* Don't nobody mess with Bonedigger's homies for this maketh for a very angry lion. 

* The Dachsies sleep on his back. 

* Milo has apparently learned to speak Bonedigger's lion language and imitates his puffing which is some sort of growl they use to communicate with other prides. 
image source
I knew Dachshunds were smart but color me impressed.

Unlikely friendships are often the best kind. Or at the very least, the most fascinating.

But I still don't think I'd trust a lion around my wieners.

I'm just saying,

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  1. What an amazing and sweet story all rolled into one! Nah...don't think I'd trust our weiner dog, Maddie, around a lion, either. As plump as she is, she'd make a mighty good treat! :)

  2. No way! Lions are called wild animals for a reason!!