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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Notes

Hey March, January called and wants its weather back. 

I don't think I can recall a time when I was ever more over winter than I am right now. We had another little one day teaser on Sunday with sunshine and 70 degree weather. I even got motivated to go out and clean my flower beds along the fence out and was surprised that my tulips are already beginning to sprout. Then I looked out across the yard and saw that many of the daffodils were in full bloom! Not sure when or how that even happened since it has been such a frigid winter but there they were.

Then yesterday happened. Temperatures started out around 60 and by early afternoon we had rain, wind and temperatures hovering right at freezing. This morning the sun is shining although it was 20 degrees on the drive to school. I looked out the window at the daffodils and their little heads are drooped over, no doubt frozen to death by that insane temperature plummet. And there are several patches of solid ice on the deck from all the rain that fell yesterday and then froze over last night.


But it has been my experience that no amount of whining and complaining is going to change a thing. Especially where the weather is concerned. 

So here are a few little tidbits of happy I've found over the past few days...

This Photo
I stumbled upon this in my camera roll. This basket hung right outside the sunroom door, on the deck, the summer before last (last year it rained all.summer.long). I set it as the background/wallpaper on my iPhone. It gives me something to look forward to because I am convinced that we will not have record-breaking rainfalls two summers in a row and that I will therefore be able to grow beautiful flowers once more.

This Redbird
 (Yes, I know it's called a Cardinal but it will always be a redbird to me.)
I looked out the bedroom window yesterday morning, just before time to take the boys to school and spotted him perched on the feeder. I grabbed the camera and tried desperately to get a good shot through the window though it was a bit dark and the flash washed everything out. I finally managed to get a pretty good one. First male one I've seen in a awhile. Never fails to make me smile. Even at 0 dark thirty.

Brisco (Big Boy) Darling's Sound Recognition
Let me explain. Yesterday morning, after I snapped that first shot of the redbird, he came bolting down the hallway eager to get in his chair by the window because he has apparently learned that when I'm snapping photos in the bedroom there is almost always something worth watching at that feeder outside the window. And he was right because, in addition to the redbird, there was a squirrel eating seeds off the ground underneath. Love that boy. 

Observation of Hole-Digging
(They have no idea these photos exist because I have a zoom lens and I am sneaky.)
Sunday afternoon, when we were having the spring teaser temps, they walked out the door together as if they were about to embark on a serious, top secret sort of mission (Devin was sporting aviator shades and sucking on a straw). When I asked where they thought they were off to they said in unison, "We're going to dig a hole." Of course I interrogated them to death and told them they needed to clear this with Charlie first. Turns out they were wanting to make a fire pit, something we've been putting off forever. Charlie told them where they could dig although it turned out to not be the best spot because they came to him at one point and told him they'd hit the water line. He was so happy to find they had not hit the water line that he didn't even seem upset that they had hit a drain pipe. He says he can make it all work so I guess it's all good. 

The real 'happy' in all this is that they somehow managed to do it without bickering. Not once did I hear any bickering and nobody got taken out with a shovel or anything. And then they went skateboarding. Together. Maybe there is hope after all. (Knock on wood. Hard.)
(Not sure where the aviator shades went but the straw is still there so you can imagine them on his face. It was sort of priceless. I really hate I didn't get a shot of it.)

(by Pharrell Williams)
I first heard this in Zumba class a couple of weeks ago and now it seems to be everywhere. I may get tired of it eventually but right now, I can't get enough. I absolutely cannot listen to this without dancing, even sitting down or driving down the road.
It's just so....happy!

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  1. This song makes me feel like even I wouldn't look like an idiot while dancing to it. :) Ahhh... the digging of the holes. It's a spring time ritual around here, as is the lighting of the fire pit. :)

    As for spring, our daffodils haven't even peeked up yet. Which is good, since we still have mounds of ice where they would be. Not snow mind you, but ICE piles of yuck. *sigh* I am WAY more excited about the time change than I should be, warmest day we've had in weeks was 50, and I was out of the state. Our vacation in 70 degree weather was nice though, except for the fact that Youngest insists that he should now be able to wear his shorts...

  2. I like your redbird, you got a nice photo of it. Fun to take sneaky photos too!

  3. Our daffodils suffered as well. Is amazing with all the yard we have that you can hit a pipe with one hole. You never find that buried jar with thousands hidden in it.

  4. I love that song too! Keep posting sunny photos! Last week, I was in sunny Orlando and it was wonderful!!

    I always think of u when I see a red bird:-)