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Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Minutes With Dracen...The Gum Swallowing Myth

I am beyond thrilled that spring has finally decided to make its grand appearance around here today and, according to the forecast, is expected to stick around for at least the next several days. I even got motivated to start "spring cleaning" this morning though I never made it out of the kitchen. I have never been fanatical about my housekeeping and don't usually feel the desire to embark on a crazy cleaning frenzy when spring rolls around each year but for some reason this year (maybe it was the looong drawn out nasty winter) I've decided that no surface will remain untouched. 

Maybe (if I'm really ambitious) I'll be finished some time before Christmas. 

While I was wiping the oven down after the self-cleaning cycle Dracen came in from Momaw Pat's. (Today was an early release day from school and he went over to her house for a little while. I think he was hoping Popaw would take him fishing but he had too much going on)

I never know what new fact or profound words of wisdom he is about to bestow upon me at any given moment. One day last week, on the way home from school, he asked me if I was aware that there are insert-some-crazy-big-number-here-that-I-can't recall different types of mucus in the human body.

My response was that I was indeed not aware of that and really didn't want to be so could we please not talk about it. Of course we talked about it anyway. 

So today when he came in to find me wiping down the oven, he asked me if I knew that swallowing your gum will not constipate you. (I've been telling him this all his life) He proudly announced to me that this is all just a myth. Then he said, "Think about it. There is no nutrition in gum so the body doesn't have to do any work to digest it and filter out the nutrients. It just tries to get it out as quick as possible."

My reply was something like, "Well. I guess that makes sense." 

Then he added, "That would be a lot of work for nothing and why would you want to do that? I mean you're cleaning the house because you will get a clean house out of all your hard work, you see?"  


And then he went off in search of a box to use as target practice for his airsoft gun. 

After I told this story to Charlie when he came in this evening, I decided that I really needed to start recording some of this Dracen knowledge I've been acquiring and couldn't think of a better place than right here on the blog. He has informed me that he knows I blog about him (He Googled his name and well, how many Dracens do you know?) and didn't have a problem with it.

So a new series is born...Five Minutes With Dracen. 

Get ready to be enlightened,

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  1. Can't wait! He's quite the thinker!

    Of course, I could also say that all this house cleaning we do is a lot of work for nothing, too, b/c it just gets dirty again. :) Oh well.

  2. He should provide you with lots of blog material!!