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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weather, Daylight Savings, and FREE HAM

Saturday cannot get here fast enough! If this forecast is correct, it will make that losing of a whole hour go down a whole lot smoother. I didn't even realize that was this weekend until Devin piped up on the way to school this morning (which is rare since he always puts his headphones on immediately upon entering the car) and said, "How do you move time?" 

I was at first completely baffled but then I remembered daylight savings time. How is it time for that again already? Remember when it didn't happen until April? He had seen it on the town's digital sign when we were at the stoplight. I said, "Is that this weekend already? Gah!"  Then I had to try and explain to him what it was all about and why it started (sort of) since I really don't understand why we still do it. Why do we have to mess with time? 

Then he said (as we were pulling up at the school), "You know time doesn't really exist, right?"  and then went on to attempt to explain to me why this is. I just turned up my Wonder Woman mug, guzzled some  more coffee and nodded right along with him because it was way too early in the morning for me to be engaging in teenage boy philosophical shenanigans. So I just mumbled something about eternity and how he may just be on to something and then, "Have a good day. I'll see you after ball practice." 

And then I drove back home to Dracen who is on sick day number 2 with a man-cold-in-training. No fever...just a stuffy head, mild cough kind of mess but let me tell you, the boy knows how to work a cold to his full advantage. You best believe he's going to get all the miles he can out of this one. 

In other news, I received a "FREE HAM OFFER" in the mail yesterday. I was so excited I could barely contain my enthusiasm. Right. I almost threw it straight into the recycle bin without even opening it but this was just too good to be true. I mean it's not like free ham offers come around more than once in a lifetime surely. So I decided to rip into it.

I don't think, even if I'd been given 100 tries, would I have ever guessed that the letter was regarding...

An opportunity to receive a FREE Fiber Optic Otoscope Exam (a "completely painless prodecure") at the Miracle-Ear Center and (on top of that!) an offer for "up to" 50 percent off any hearing device the test may just determine I need...

And oh yeah, by the way, just for stopping's a ham, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Because that makes perfect sense.


And because I'm on the subject of ham and there's lots of talk about Dr. Seuss this week since his birthday was March 2nd, I thought of this...

via Pinterest
So wrong.

But so funny.

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  1. That dr suess photo is hilarious! It's so sunny and gorgeous this afternoon. I'm sending my boys outside this afternoon. They can work off some of these winter wiggles:).