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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturn with a Sunroof

For today's Monday Listicles Stasha asked us to make a list of ten things about our cars.  I have only ever owned four cars total in the twenty three years I've been driving.  My first car, that I got at the age of 18 in 1989, was a 1984 light blue four door Mazda 626 that I had serviced about once every 15 months, if it was lucky. It didn't appreciate the lack of maintenance and began leaving me stranded in places like the side of I-77 and on the top of the parking deck at school my senior year of college in 1994.  It did not live to see me graduate.  

I finished out the last few weeks before graduation in my mom's big red Thunderbird before landing my first job and buying a brand new shiny red '94 Mustang.  Oh how I loved that car! But we parted ways when I became pregnant with Devin in 1998.  I traded her in for a '99 Mitsubishi Galant, complete with the sunroof and leather seats I'd always wanted and the four doors I'd need for my soon-to- be life as a new mommy.

We didn't part ways until 2007 when I bought my current ride, an '07 Saturn Vue. (I really wanted a Honda Pilot but I was a single mom at the time and it was a little out of my price range.  Also, I don't like to finagle and Saturn had a reputation as being an anti-finagling establishment)...

10 Things About My Saturn

1. There's a Longhaired Dachshund decal on the back.  I know you're shocked.

2. It could use a bath. 

3. It's been having an A/C issue since the spring.  We finally took it to the shop last week.  You know, once the hundred and five degree temps had already passed.  It doesn't cool on idle which is no fun at all when you live in the south and find yourself sitting at a stoplight, in road construction, or in the school pickup line.  

The GM (since Saturn is no more) dealership we took it to tried to tell us it needed a whatchamacallit part because it was leaking refrigerant.  Charlie's business is commercial heating and air so he knows a bit about this stuff although cars are a little different.  He argued with the guy and tried to tell him that he really didn't think that could possibly be it.  He assured him he was wrong.  

But he wasn't. He was right. Because that was indeed NOT it since the new one did not fix the problem so they've ordered another part and we will take it back next week to give them one last shot to redeem their reputations.  I'm not holding my breath.  

4. There are almost always smudges from doggies' noses on the windows.  Dachshunds like to ride.  
I need this decal from Etsy.
5. It has leather seats. Ketchup doesn't sink into leather.

6. There's probably a french fry or two in the backseat.  

7. It has a sunroof.  

8. The stereo works just fine and can usually be found on XM Channel 8, the 80s station, with the volume wide open. Unless someone else is in the car and then I try to reel it in.  

9. During the months of March, April, May and part of June the back is always loaded down with all things baseball...bat bags, helmets, cleats, hats, gloves...and our folding chairs we sit it at the games and practices.  Bleachers hurt my butt.    

10. It has OnStar.  Comes in handy when you lock your keys inside it. Not that I would know much about that or anything...

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  1. Love your post. You managed to bring life and personality to your car. Oh, and cute photos too!

  2. So cool. I think you are rocking it. I hear you about the dog art :) And does OnStar guy have a super sexy voice? Or was that just my fantasy...

  3. The sunroof....that was my make or break deal with my car! Mine always needs a bath and I always think "but it's just going to get dirty again". Thankfully my child hasn't picked up on this. No doubt she would be running around looking like PigPen imploring the same philosophy. Then I'd HAVE to wash my car.

  4. I love the dog are also not the only one to have a few stray french fries in the backseat.

  5. I love the dog art! I was going to do this link up but didn't know if I could think of 10 things to write.

  6. My car is always full of baseball stuff too! Cute about the dog art ;)

  7. My mom was a minivan mom until she crashed hers when we were in college. Now she's the Vue's biggest fan. She has already told me she can't fathom switching to another in the future. Too bad Saturn's gone :(

  8. Leather seats are not a luxury, they are wipable A multitude of sins slides right off of them, for sure.

    And OnStar is an absolute blessing. It is a magical, magical service. Ellen

  9. I didn't think you were ever gonna drive. Your first car was totally cool especially next to my do-do brown honda:)

    I love your Saturn, though!

  10. I *might* have french fries in the backseat too. Actually, the other day, we were driving and Q said "mmm". When we asked him what he was eating, since we didn't give him anything, he said "a fry!". We asked him where he got it, since we hadn't had fries in the car for a few days, and he replied that it was in the seat. Ewwwww. Love the list.

  11. My sunroof is forever open. I don't think think I could ever have another car without one.

  12. I love that you have your radio on 80's music! Also? There are probably more than a couple of fries in the back our truck ;)

  13. My car is only five months old... and I'm sticking to the NO EATING IN THE CAR rule, so the only mess is of course in the driver's seat, because I can't follow my own rule.

    My favorite feature? The built in cooler and the heated seats. :)

  14. I must get leather seats in my next car! Ketchup doesn't sink into it you say?! Great list.

  15. I had a Galant around the same time you did and mine had a sunroof too! I love that your car is totally lived in. That is awesome. :)

  16. I love it when you argue with the mechanics and they are wrong and you are right. Happens many times with me. Thankfully My mechanic husband rocks