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Friday, August 17, 2012

How My iPhone Camera Rolls...

I'm still loving my iPhone though Siri and I have had a bit of a falling out.  Remember me raving about her a few weeks ago, right after I crossed over from the stone age Blackberry world I was living in?  About how she impressed me greatly by spelling Dracen's name right when no person ever spells his name right the first time? Yeah, well that was incredibly impressive and I still don't know how she did that but since then Siri hasn't done jack for me.  

We just don't get each other. My stepson, Chris, loves him some Siri and says it's probably my southern accent (he doesn't have one since he's from Michigan).  Maybe he's right and she just doesn't comprehend my twang, or maybe I just don't word things in a way that she can understand or maybe it's just simply a case of personality clash. Whatever the reason, we are barely even on speaking terms anymore.  I haven't given up on her completely but I had to take a break before I said something that would burn that bridge all the way to the ground.  

The camera is most definitely getting its fair share of usage, however, with my favorite app award going to Instagram. I try to resist the urge to post every pic I take since I have come down with a bad case of the I've got a camera in my pocket and I'm not afraid to use it disease.  Seriously, I can't eat a vanilla ice cream cone without feeling like the world is going to miss out on the simplistic greatness of that moment if I don't snap a pic of it first, even if I don't share it.  It's there, you know, just in case the need to use it should ever arise.  
(And you thought I was exaggerating, didn't you?) 

Because I just know that the world is just dying to get a little peek into my camera roll because my life is so filled with exciting adventures and glamour one of the symptoms of the I've got a camera in my pocket and I'm not afraid to use it disease is the belief that everybody and her brother is interested in seeing pics of my lunch before I take a bite out of it, my freshly painted toenails and every single cuter than life movement each of my three super cute dogs make.  
Well, you have to admit, this one is pretty cool, right?
 We were front porch swing sittin' one Sunday afternoon 
and Brisco Darling is not allowed out front because he's an
 untrustworthy bolter and I don't like to run.
 His pleading eyes through the window tell all. 
Bless his little bolting wiener heart. 

But the one who gives me the most Instagram-worthy shots is the one and only, Dracenator.  If only I'd had this thing when he was a toddler... I could have gone viral daily.  

I snapped this shot of him as he shimmied up the doorway  between the kitchen and the living room one night...
I should really look into getting him signed up for a gymnastics class. 

A couple of nights ago, just before his bedtime, I walked down the hallway to find this at the end...
Hmm...Let's see..We have a machine gun, some rope, some giant magnets
 and a clown wig he wore for Halloween the year he turned four.  
Should I be worried?  

Then yesterday I jumped back about six feet when I spotted what I at first thought to be a drowned rat in my kitchen sink...
Turns out it's one of those guinea pigs from the movie, G-Force, 
with a parachute attached to his back.  He was soaking wet.  
When I asked Dracen about it later, he told me it had been in the freezer
and he was just "thawing it out."  I was afraid to ask what it was
doing in the freezer but he did once put a wet, stuffed lion in there
in order to "get his mane to stand up right." 

I'm thinking of starting a new weekly series inspired by my iPhone camera roll called The Sh*t Dracen Does or The Three Begging Foodies...

I called this one, "Begging for Salmon".

So what's in your Camera Roll?

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  1. MY SON DOES THE EXACT SAME THING TO MY DOOR FRAME! Seriously! Do you know how hard it is to get foot prints off of door casings at eye level? Oh yeah... you probably do. :)

    I wish I had instagram... but sadly I don't. Lucky for y'all or you'd never see the end of me.

  2. Hehe. I'm cracking up at the frozen guinea pig. Lol!

    We recently bought a Mini Cooper and while we were getting the usual rundown on how to work this and that we were informed that the voice call feature doesn't like southern accents. And it especially hates the name Jason. They don't know why but the system refuses to acknowledge Jason as existing! Good thing no one we know is named Jason!

  3. I have Instagram but I haven't fallen in love yet. I don't like the way it crops everything to a square. What if you don't want a square. What if you wanted a circle, or a triangle, or a parallelogram? Not sure I spelled that right, but what if I DID want one of those? Then what?

  4. Oh those pleading weren't kidding!That parachute glob would have freaked me out too!

    All of these are definitely instagram worthy. Love your life!

  5. Julia posing for the camera with her new pink and green cast. This was getting the car to head home after her surgery! Fun stuff:) You can tell she's still a little "juiced up":)

    Mom's sunflower cupcake cake for her birthday! So cute:)

    And, AK's white bag that she put a "urine sample" in for the doctor. It says "to: doctor spencer" from ak. It's written neatly in purple marker. My thought was I hope he isn't expecting donuts:)

  6. I so want an iPhone. I have a droid and it's okay but...I love the istuff.