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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eight Reasons

As I have stated once before (okay more like a hundred and ten times before but who's counting?) summer was cut three weeks short in our county this year since our kids had to go back to school last week instead of on the 27th like the entire rest of the state. I think I was more upset about this little stunt being pulled over on us than the kids but I tend to have a hard time getting over things that force me to get up at the butt crack of dawn before I'm due.  

Lack of sleep makes me mean and my body was just not wired to go to bed before 11pm nor was it wired to smile and make pancakes before the sun has made an appearance or the roosters have even cracked open an eyelid.  Do roosters even have eyelids?  I don't know.  Whatever.  That's beside the point.   I didn't really mean to drag the roosters into this again.  

What I meant to do was answer Mama Kat's prompt... List 8 things you’re looking forward to OR list 8 things you’re dreading about sending the kids back to school.

But, obviously, my kids are already back in school so I'll list 8 reasons why I was NOT looking forward to it starting back 3 weeks early...

1. The (duh!) early mornings.  If I had my way about things, I would not ever do ridiculously early mornings.  Dracen's elementary school tardy bell rings at 7:35 a.m.  The TARDY bell. How insane is that?  Very...Very, very, irritatingly insane! 

2. The battles I must fight daily to get the homework done. Because I have two of the most "strong-willed" children the good Lord ever placed on the planet.  

3. Fundraisers.  Dracen already brought one home, last week, the very first week of school.  Really?! 

4. Sock issues.  Allow me to explain... Socks have a way of splitting up at our house, especially the boys' black Nike socks which just so happen to be the only kind they will wear anymore. Seriously, they seem to disappear at record speed.  So then we have mornings like today's when somebody can't find a matching pair and well... everything just goes downhill from there.  I've heard it said that one must endure a lot of drama when raising girls.  HA! Drama is alive and kicking in this house of boys. 

5. The forgetfulness. "I forgot what my homework is",  "I think I left my book at school/in my locker", "I forgot to bring my lunchbox home", "I forgot that it was picture day"... 

6. The math.  Because math homework has a way of making me feel like an idiot.  Times ten.  Thank God for Google.

7. Early morning bathroom fights, breakfast table fights, after school fights... Okay, so they fought all summer but at least the fights didn't start before they rolled out of bed at noon.  

8. Phone calls, notes, emails from teachers telling me that my kid acted like an arse today. None yet this year and Devin actually said the words, "All my teachers are so nice this year."  Oh but the year is young, the

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  1. Your post make me laugh! Fundraisers...ugh.

  2. We've been in school less than a week and both children in different schools came home with fundraising sheets. Ugh. My head was nodding through your entire list. Good luck with your adjustment.

  3. We have a fundraising kick-off scheduled for day 2 at school - blech. Double blech. Or more.

  4. I do not envy you at all, not one bit! I would be royally ticked if school started a month early too!

    I remember those days and my youngest is 26! But the grands are 11 almost 12....

    Just think it doesn't last forever and one day you will miss these mornings.......

    Not really, you won't miss them one iota!! =0)

    Cute blog, came from Simply Suthern.

  5. We start super early in the year too, first week of August! I can't believe that these poor little adorable people have to get up at 6am to watch for the bus...and it's not great for the kiddos either.

  6. I so feel you on this! And I'll be experiencing (sp?) it all come the 27 -- and that's insane, the date you all started!

  7. Can't count how many emails I've already gotten from 2 weeks of school.

    I've had to go meet with a teacher of my first year in middle school child:) Fun stuff!