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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fragments...TGIF!

~I am now appreciating Fridays again since the boys are finishing up their third week back in school today. 
So far we've only had one teacher note between the two of them.  It was in Dracen's agenda last Friday, just letting me know that he'd been having a hard time staying on task and that he'd made a paper airplane in class that day. 

I knew something was up when he got in the car and said, "I'm going to start focusing better next week".  (He was prepping me for the note he was about to whip out of his book bag!)  He said he had actually made the plane the night before  at home and somehow it got put in his book bag and he pulled it out and said, "What's this doing in here?"  I believed him since he and Devin had made about twenty the night before and flew them all over the house and in the backyard.  


~After taking my car back to the dealership three times in the past two weeks, the bozos still did not fix the a/c issue.  They called back this time and said, "Well, that part didn't fix it either.  Looks like it needs a new compressor (NOT cheap!)".  Charlie pretty much told them he'd lost all faith in them, that he wanted our money back and that we'd be a takin' our business elsewhere.  

The go-between guy we'd been dealing with went in the boss's office and Charlie decided to follow him on in there.  I quick-like got on my iPhone and tried to look all busy because I had a feeling things were about to get ugly.  The guy was very defensive, unapologetic and actually made the statement, "I am world class."  Oh, no he di'int!  Charlie held it together better than I would have by saying, "Well in all due respect, sir, you weren't the one working on it...I'm done with this conversation and I want my money back."  We got our money back.  And made an appointment with someone else.


~I cleaned up Dracen's room while he was at school yesterday. No.small.feat! I think next time I'll call up Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and say, "Boy, have I got a good one for you!"  Because seriously, I was so tempted to roll over and wave my white flag about halfway through. 

The most perplexing thing I found was hundreds of pieces of what used to be a small bar of soap (like the ones in hotel bathrooms) all over behind and under his bed, buried underneath a pile of construction paper, stuffed animals, and various other items. I'm not sure I would have known what it even was had the wrapper not still been there.  

But that didn't come close to the ziploc bag of molded jerky I uncovered.  That was straight up nasty. 

It was really good to find the floor again though and not have to get that dreaded itchy feeling as if I'm about to walk onto an episode of Hoarders every time I go in there! 


~While I was in there, I found his scrapbook/photo album one of his preschool teachers made him when he was three and couldn't help but to pause and flip through it before putting it away.  I'm not going to lie, I teared up.  

When did my little boy get so big?!

They grow up so dang fast, don't they?  Last weekend we drove to Chapel Hill to see and help Shana (my stepdaughter) get settled into her dorm for her freshman year.  I reminded myself and Charlie that Shana was the same age Devin is now when we met and now here she is going away to college already.  Time flies.  Don't blink!


~Did y'all know that there is an app for keeping mosquitoes away?  My blood has always been a delicacy for skeeters so I thought it couldn't hurt to try.  I sat out on the deck reading the other afternoon, opened that little buzzing app up and do you know, I did not get one bite?  Not one!  A-mazing.  

I've also got a bird chirping app, a duck calling app and a dog sounds app that drives Lucky and the Wieners crazy. Yesterday I found one called "my robot voice" where you hit 'record', talk into it and then play it back in different robotic voices. I laughed until I cried. I'm such a dork.  

Got a cool app I should know about?  Do tell.  


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Half-Past Kissin' Time

Happy Friday, Y'all! 

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  1. You are braver than I. I dare not enter my children's room without a HazMat Suit on.

  2. Moldy jerky? I'm sorry, but that made me laugh! Gotta love boys!;) Oh, you can bet that kids grow up FAST! I can hardly believe that my oldest daughter is a Jr. in college and my youngest is a high school sophomore! Cherish every moment you can, moldy jerky and all!

  3. Hahahahaha- I remember... WAIT! There's an app for keeping mosquitoes away? I'M THERE! WooHoo! You're right- blinking is bad when it comes to kids growing up. And then the should-a, could-a, would-a's kick in. :)

  4. I was going to make a smart remark about how fast Other People's kids grow up, but then I remembered that I started bawling when they'd play "Sunrise, Sunset" even when my kids were wee ones.

    I'm just as sentimental about my kids as anyone else.


  5. No mosquito app! Is there a no deer app?

    What about a do not ask another ? app? I don't know how to use anything on my phone.

    I'm still impressed you got a personal ring tone on yours. I'm so over mine that sounds like everybody else's so when you stand in line at a store and someone's phone rings everybody is looking around like a fool!

  6. My boys aren't allowed food in their rooms. One, it's in the basement and we'll get mice, and Two... because I said so.


  7. Hubby had a duck call ring tone on his phone and when I tried to call him while fishing he thought it was real ducks and didn't answer.

    Wonder how long the gorgeously clean room will last. Just from "mother of four" experience I wonder that.

  8. I'm impressed you knew how to load the app and press play...or whatever...see, I don't even know how to turn the volume down on my cell phone....You is goooood!

  9. I cleaned both kids' rooms while they were gone!

    I have very little use for car dealerships. I paid a hefty amount for a repair only to have something go wonky on my dash a week later. I'll be using them for my free oil changes, but nothing else! Glad you got your money back.

    My kids' babysitter is a freshman at Chapel I need to find a new one! :-(