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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

With Reckless Abandon...

I finally broke down and got myself a Kindle Touch a few weeks ago. I was rebellious about it for awhile because I just simply love having books around me.  Sometimes the shallow side of me breaks that old rule about not judging a book by its cover and buys old books at antique shops based on good looks alone.  

Because, you know?  I'm reckless like that.  

But I finally decided that I should just get over my rebel self, get with the times, and buy myself an e-reader, reminding myself that I can still buy books from time to time if I desire.  

I have not yet regretted my decision. In fact, I think I now have myself a new addiction that goes by the name of Kindle because it is just way too easy to touch that screen ever so delicately and order myself another book.  I've always been one to read one book at a time until it's finished, but now?  I am currently reading five books on there and one paperback I already had.  

So that's pretty much what I've been doing instead of blogging...

Except for yesterday.  Yesterday I had a dermatologist appointment and then went to Target and loaded my cart with everything from a five dollar clearance pair of fuzzy slippers to a 24 pack of fruit snacks. I think it's a really great thing that the nearest Target is a good 25 minutes from my house because what is it about that place that makes me want to buy sh*t with reckless abandon? 

The dermatologist appointment was just an annual check for spots thing that I've had to do since discovering that basal cell carcinoma on my chest in '09 that was so kind to leave me a little white scar to remember it by. Wear your sunscreen, kids, and don't bake yourself in baby oil or Crisco...Yes, I was once an idiot but I think most all of us were when it came to the sun back then.

I knew I didn't have any new spots because the anal side of me is diligent about checking myself for them now but I like to be reassured that the flat brown mole on my leg that has been there forever and ever is still the same ole harmless mole it always was.  And plus, she gives me drugs.  For fever blisters.  I call them magic pills.  I start feeling that dreaded tingle on my lip, pop that pill, and watch that mother disappear before it ever gets a chance to turn me into an ogre with its own phone number and zip code right there on my top lip.  

The worst part about the visit is sitting there in nothing but my underwear and giant paper napkin and then rolling around on that exam table in those godforsaken fluorescent lights, exposing every ounce of cellulite on my bare arse.  Not my idea of a good time.

But speaking of a good time, Dracen had him one Sunday afternoon down by the creek.  I'm not sure where winter went but it sure has been layin' low around here...

Happy Hump Day! 

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  1. Target is a magical place where one takes leave of their senses! I love the pics of Dracen. My 10 yr old would NEVER EVER come inside if we had that nearby.

    I can't bring myself to accept kindle, Nook and e-readers. The freedom of reading several books at a time sounds great but I would get them all mixed up in my mind...cuz I'm cool like that. I can barely juggle 2 books.

  2. Dermatologists are the best at handing out free samples. I've got a slew of acne creams and line reducers.

  3. The Kindles do make it so much easier to have waaaaay too many "books" and purchase a new one. I finally broke down and went all e-book when I found myself in tears in front of my bookshelf that no longer had any room for new books.

  4. Morning, Diane!
    I have to get annual skin checks, as well. I've had two basal cell carcinomas removed in the past year or so. Really caught me off-guard. However, when I was a teenager, I slathered myself with baby oil and iodine and sat in the sun all day, every day. Now, I'm paying the price and I wear sunscreen, religiously. Lesson learned!

  5. That is the craziest winter scene. I just can't believe this year. Are fever blisters like cold sores or different? I never used Crisco, but I definitely used baby oil and those silver blanket things. Did you have one of those?

  6. If there had been digital cameras back when I was a kid there would be a lot pics of me in the creek catching crawdads and salamanders.

    I got a Galaxy tab for Christmas. Ive had a ball with it.

  7. Target is dangerous! Glad ours is 45 minutes away.

    I get my skin checked every year, too. I have way too many moles on my fair skinned self. Plus, you know how much time I spent in the sun. And, really, I still spend time all summer long... with lots of sun screen and reapplying:)

    Looks like he's having fun at the creek. If the rain keeps up here, we'll have a creek instead of a ditch:)

  8. cute cute cute pics!!

    I have a kindle. And the app on my phone. And my iPad. And the cloud reader on the computer at work. I read WAY too much when I'm supposed to be doing other things.

  9. An unexpected bonus with my Nook was rediscovering the local library. The fact that I can borrow books online 24/7 and have them automatically returned when the time period expires is why I'm now a big fan of eReaders.

  10. Welcome to the Kindle world. I love mine. Best part is that I can still grab my WiFi signal from the house at the bus stop. :)

    Those pictures.... fabulous. This has got to be my favorite winter ever. February 1st...60 degrees here in Cape Cod.

  11. Yeah, I was so super happy that I didn't have my physical today. I was all worried about manacuring the lady bits and such.
    It's next week.
    Paper in the butt...shudder.
    I had not idea that you had cancer. That is scary stuff and a good reminder that we need to protect ourselves!
    And a kindle?
    You bad ass.