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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Week in Fragments...

~I've been in a major blogging slump lately.  It's like my bloggy mojo just up and left the building without leaving a forwarding address or anything.  How rude. 

~Dracen brought home some graded papers from school last week and although he did make an A on this particular paper, I saw some red teacher writing beside one of the questions about something not being appropriate.  The answer to the question was "the policeman" but did my eight year old write "the policeman"?  No, of course not.  He wrote "the popo". Because he's all gangster like that. 

~Devin aka Vanilla Ice has begun making up raps.  Constantly.  Because he's all gangster like that too.  

~My friend, Shirley, who's been fighting a cancerous brain tumor for the past several months came by to see us last Saturday.  She got a good report at her Duke appointment last week and I was amazed at how good she looked.  She is one of the best people I know.  

~The book fair was at Dracen's school this week.  I always got excited about the book fair when I was a kid and he does too so I always give him money to buy a few books to support his school.  He asked me if he could have fifteen extra dollars this year but not for himself.  He wanted to give it to a friend in his class whose family couldn't afford to give him any.  How could I say no to that?  

~Since the black bean burgers have been such a hit the couple of times I made them, I got all fancy and made spicy bean burritos the other night.  They were yum-my.  You can click here for recipe. 
~I'm still going strong on the pesco-vegetarian diet.  It has now been almost two months since I've eaten meat and I honestly don't miss it.  The only challenging part really is finding things to eat at restaurants and coming up with new things to fix at home. I have been eating quite a bit of salmon and tuna.  

~We finally got our new carpet put down in the bonus room and bedroom upstairs last week and ordered a couch and chair at the furniture outlet mall yesterday but it won't be ready for four to six weeks.  Why are things like that always four to six weeks? Ever notice that? And I've found that it's rarely ever exactly four to six weeks.  It's almost always less or more.  I prefer less.  
This is the couch though we ordered a slightly different fabric.

~Another African Dwarf Frog died Wednesday.  We are now down to one.  I asked Devin what he wanted to do with it since it was his frog.  Dracen yelled out, "Can we dissect it?"  Seriously?  It was about half the size of my pinkie finger.  Not to mention, it was a pet!  Devin, being the sentimental  gangster that he is, gave it the royal flush.  

~For those of you who watch the The Bachelor, can you believe the CRAZY that Courtney pulled out this week?  And he went for it!  He has to pick her at this point, what with the skinny dipping caught on camera and now that creepy faux wedding that he actually wrote vows for!  As Kacie B (the sweet little southern girl) so "eloquently" put it as she rode off into the dark sobbing in the back of the limo, WHAT THA *BLEEP* JUST HAPPENED?! 
~And that was about exactly what I asked Wednesday night when I heard something that sounded like a wall coming down in the kitchen.  I went in to find the fighting brothers pointing fingers at each other (because neither one of them was to blame) and three pictures on the floor that they had somehow managed to knock off the wall.  Three! They're lucky nothing broke. But they still got sent to bed immediately, without passing GO or collecting their 200 dollars.  At 7:35 p.m.  

~I need this magnet I saw on Pinterest...

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  1. Dont be too rough on them. I got to wrasslin as a kid and we went slap thru the sheetrock.

    Was sweet of him to give money to a friend. They notice things even that young.

    The spicey bean Buritos sound delish.

  2. I always couldn't wait for book fair at school. I loved the smell of all the books. That's one thing I can't wait for when chunky starts school!
    That yummy burrito looks so gooood!!
    Have you tried heading over to Kludgy Mom's blog? She has a huge list of topics that can spur a good blog post.

  3. Your sweet, sassy boys sound adorable (really).

    Happy for Shirley! :)

    We love the Bachelor around here. I thought Courtney seemed like a completely different person this week, and it seemed sincere, but how could a person change so much? Also, I felt like Kacie B was feeling better but the producers had to have egged her on; it seemed weird to me, but what do I know?

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

    P.S. Love the "Pin It" button on your post!

  4. Maybe related to your blogging slump (?) but I don't recall browsing by here on my past FF rounds. Nice blog. Knocking stuff off walls, dead frogs, and gangster talk - brings back memories except for the gangsta stuff. Yo.

  5. This had me giggling all the way through!

    My blogging mojo played like Elvis and left the building too! It was gone for about half a year, but Elvis stuck his leg back in now.

  6. Good for you on the diet!

    Prayers for your friend. If you have to be sick, this is the place to be... there are very few other places where you can take you pick of treatment centers and then say your brain surgeon operated on TEd Kennedy! Sweet E is getting treatment at UNC.

    I lost my blog mojo last summer... guest posts... lots and lots of guest posts! It will come back!

  7. I love the little sign at the end of your post, I need that one. I saw one in Denver once that said something about the happiness fairy was coming down to earth and hoping it would smack you full in the face.

    I also need that one.

    That is so sweet about your son giving the money to another kid. We live in an area where a lot of the people are unemployed and on food stamps. My son's class teacher is always asking for those parents who can afford to give extra money when they have field trips so no one has to be left out. It breaks my heart that a kid would have to be left behind because they didn't have ten dollars.

    I saw on your profile you've got weiner dogs! Me too! How the heck do you survive the puppy years? One of my fragments today was about my puppy eating my area rug. And no, I'm not kidding.

    Happy Friday!

  8. Those burritos?? Yummo!! I could eat burritos several times a week. No, I could eat burritos every day of every week. Breakfast burritos call to me.

    I love the pinterest picture... I constantly tell my kids that I'm not their personal maid, short order cook or 24-hour diner and this does not please them. I guess they never get a day to be my one person to please. Too bad for them.

  9. Dang, girl...this was such a fun read. Now, not to encourage him, but I like the reference to popo myself. What a hoot. And then, "the royal flush"...that too made me literally LOL Then, I'm so carpeting and on top of that NEW furniture?!!! Poop...I'm really green with envy. Okay movin' on down. That magnet, I live by that now. It's perfect.

  10. OH ya...forgot about the burritos after I scrolled down to make sure my comment 'worked'...and then I read Betsy's first words and it reminded me...I LOVE Mexican food. And your burritos look scrumptious.

  11. Love it all!!! The "popo" almost made me spit out my coffee!!!

  12. Too funny:)the popo, the fighting,

    Boys will be Boys

  13. Oh I have so been there with the fighting and the thumps!!! Those are my "what the..." moments.

    I have blogging deserts as well. Taking a breather is ok, I miss reading your posts, but I get it.

  14. You could have your son make a (w)rap with those spicy beans.

  15. I don't even know him but I think that Dracen is not only so sweet but funny. (Popo, kids are hilarious.) Not to mention, he's a scientist (a kid after my own heart.) Although I'm not a big fan of dissecting.

    Oh the Bachelor, I can't even handle the drama that it is. I have my hands full with the Real Housewives.

  16. Maybe your blogging mojo and mine went on vacation, thus no forwarding order.

    Kids are funny, especially when they throw down their street cred. For the record, I knew Vanilla Ice once upon a time.

    He's much less gangsta when he's going by "rob" and has one kid tagging on his leg and an infant in his arms. :) His wife was pretty rockin' as well.

  17. Our friend is a retired state trooper. He uses the term "popo" too!
    Glad your friend got a good report at Duke. So many folks we know are fighting cancer right now. Sad.
    Glad your pictures weren't broken when "neither" of your boys knocked them on the floor...
    This was a fun post! Hope the sofa comes soon!

  18. Just saying hello. Here from Texas