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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captured: When A Photo Gets It Right...

As one of Mama Kat's writing prompts this week, she asked us to share a photo of ourselves that we think really captures who we are. I thought long and hard about it and went back and forth between the other prompts, flipped through my photos from the last few years, went back to the other prompts again and finally decided on this photo taken by my good friend Michele on my and Charlie's wedding day in 2008...

I had already changed out of my wedding dress and we were getting ready to leave the church for our honeymoon and would be gone for eight nights.  

Dracen was four, almost five, at the time and while I can't remember exactly what we were talking about here, I'm sure it had to do with how long I'd be gone, what day I'd be back and what I was going to bring him upon my return.  

I'm pretty sure I did not know this photo was being taken and I suppose this is the reason I believe it captures my soul so well.  Aside from the fancy jewelry and the curls and birdseed in my hair, this look on my face and subtle concern in my eyes as I reassure my child is,'s me.  In a nutshell.

I know I was excited...about finally getting the chance to relax with my new husband in the tropics for a full week, about this new beginning...this second leap of faith and reopening of my mended heart that had been shattered by grief less than five years earlier...

But I was also a little concerned and worried (as always)about leaving my babies behind for over a week although I knew they'd be in the excellent care and hands of grandparents who loved them fiercely.  

I can see clearly on my face (that probably appears calm and collected to most) that my thinking wheels inside my head were spinning out of control with thoughts and concerns that most likely never made it to my lips, much less past them. 

But I also know that my heart was smiling, happy, grateful and filled with love and anticipation for the beautiful, yet to be lived life that lay ahead... 

And unlike my first time as a bride, I now possessed the insight and wisdom to know that while life will not always be easy and that the road will get bumpy, and sometimes even downright treacherous at times, that it must always go on and be cherished as the imperfectly beautiful gift that it is...


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  1. This is beautiful, and that picture is beautiful. I love how it captures the you who "didn't know your picture was being taken". Those are the best pictures.

  2. Wow, that is an amazingly beautiful picture. I love those candid shots, that really captures us as people.

  3. Agreed, candid shots tell a lot more.

    It tells me, Momma loves her babies.

    Great Pic.

  4. This is such a lovely shot, and you're right - it speaks volumes. Gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful picture, Diane, and the story behind it is just the icing on the cake!

  6. It certainly shows you are a wonderful and caring mother that listens to her children. I know he must have been worried. What a beautiful moment during a very special time in your life. Lovely capture!

  7. Can I tell you how happy I am that you stopped by my blog today? I just read your background story and now this and I'm so glad to "know" you. This picture is heartfelt and amazing.

  8. You are absolutely stunning. And yes, the concern/reassurance are evident. He looks so much like you.

  9. I know there are even every bit of a thousand words.

  10. I love the picture and the beautifully written story behind it!

  11. I just loved this.

    Such a good prompt and such a great picture.


  12. What a perfect picture.
    It says far more than we knew.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love that there is so much behind that gorgeous photo. An imperfectly beautiful life indeed.

  14. Gorgeous photo with lots of meaning behind it.

    How lovely that your friend took this photo.

  15. What a wonderful, beautiful, poignant photo! As a mother... I can relate to all those feelings!