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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Worst Trends of 2011

Chain letter-type statuses on facebook. I love Jesus, my mama, my daddy, my husband, my kids, my dogs, my siblings, my nieces, my nephews, my friends and all the little critters of the world.  Choosing not to copy and re-post a facebook status pledging my undying love for them does not take that love away nor does it prove that I am ashamed to be a Christian or a proud, red-blooded American.  

Feather hair accessories. I don't know whose idea this was but it's a bad one for anyone over the age of 20.  It also gives me bad flashbacks of those clip-on feathers some of us...ahem...may or may not have owned in a certain shade of lavender and worn clipped onto the back of our Jordache jeans back in the 80s. 

The term "uber cool". I realize this has probably been around since before 2011 but I only recently noticed it, probably because I'm so un-uber cool and all but I cringe each and every time I see or hear it and would really just love to see it disappear quickly and silently in the night on the train it came in on.

80s themed parties and 80s-inspired fashions.  This really started before 2011.  I know because I wrote a post in October of 2010 entitled My name is Diane and I was an 80s fashion victim that has gotten an incredible amount of attention as of late.  It was viewed more in the past three months than any other post I've ever written because there are a whole lot of people out there searching for "80s fashion trends".  Why must we keep rehashing this?  Most of the crap we wore in the 80s is not worth bringing back around. Plus, it just makes me feel older than dirt to hear the stuff I wore in high school being referred to as "retro".    

The tall black socks with tennis shoes. I know I've expressed my disdain for this little fad here before.  More than once.  This too started before 2011 but I don't think my firstborn wore any other color or type of sock in the entire year of 2011 and he's still going strong with it.  Black socks will always have their place in the world but it will never be together with tennis shoes and shorts!  

Obsession with the royal wedding and life of William and Kate. I will never get it.  They're human, just like you and me, only they happened to be born into privilege and "royalty". You'd think they descended from heaven on angels' wings the way they are idolized and it makes me a little nauseous.   And I will now refrain from posting a picture of their smiling faces since I'm pretty sure we all know what they look like.

Jeggings. Okay, I will admit it.  This sounded like a little piece of heaven on earth so I broke down and bought me a pair a few weeks back.  Bad idea. Very bad! According to the size chart on the back I should have been on the small end of the pair I bought yet when I got home and tried on my brand new pair of jeggings, my flippin' big toe would barely fit through the teensy tiny hole that felt like a tourniquet around my ankles and calves.  Just go away, jeggings.  I have had it with your mocking and your false promises.  Die already!

Critter hats for adults. I really don't think I need to go into why this is the absolute worst trend of the decade.  If you are over the age of 10 and it is not October 31st, please do not let me catch you wearing one of these!  Just say NO.  

**This post inspired by the pretty much world famous writer's workshop at  Mama's Losin It!

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  1. You are dead on with your post, today.

    On the 80's side of things.... my teenage girls are wearing tight rolled jeans and some of their shirts resemble the whole flash dance look! It didn't look good then and it certainly doesn't look good now!

  2. Hahahahaha-
    Thank you so much Diane for the "visual tickle" had me giggling at my desk!
    But- WTH is a "jegging"?


  3. My nine year old just got some clip in feathers for her hair. So you say she is good for 11 more years?

    I'd loved to redo the 80's, really.

    Sorry but black socks and tennis shoes aint no fad. Its here to stay.

    I really dont understand the Royal fascination either.

    You must have not purchased the jegging installation tool.

    And I think you are WRONG, You are Uber-Cool.

  4. BAHA!
    YES - And the WORST is when I get one of those chain statuses from my MOTHER that says "Re-post this blessing if you love your mother" FECK.

    I once wanted a beaver hat and my FIL said, "No. You're a grown woman with children." My hubs enjoyed that scolding a little too much.

  5. Word. I hide those irritating FB statuses, and you will never catch me anywhere near jeggings, feathers, tube socks, or leg warmers. Just not going there.

  6. I actually like my jeggings, but other than that, I am in complete agreement with you!

  7. I went to a wake the other night and this 60 something ish woman was wearing feathers in her hair. So weird.
    I do not like the feather thing.

  8. All '80's trends should be banished. Unless they mean the 1880's, because they were uber-cool.

  9. Wait.

    People actually use the term "uber cool" with NO irony?

    You're joking.

    You're not joking?


  10. Oh my! I remember Jordache jeans!!!

    This was hilarious, and I completely agree with everything you said!

  11. eww to the jeggings...those are horribly wrong...but skinny jeans are okay, right? Cause I just bought some and they look AWESOME :)

    Love your list. Visiting from Mama Kat

  12. I am completely cracking up and you are absolutely dead on with all of your commentary. I was nodding my head in agreement with each comment and I love the Conan pic!

  13. I didn't know adults wore those things (critter hats). Crazy!!

  14. I am nodding in agreement to absolutely every one of these (although, secretly (well, not so secret anymore, now), I still love leg warmers. Sssssh).

  15. I guess I shouldn't show you my sock monkey just makes me happy!

  16. Great post and I am with you on the FB statuses. I hardly believe that reposting your drawn out status (with grammatical errors to boot) will prove I am a loving mother, a good Catholic or that I love my parents, my sister or cheese.

    You know what happens to people on my feed who post these? *delete*


  17. I hear ya. Especially the first one. I hate those things. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! :)