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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ten Things That Give Me Anxiety...

Today I'm joining in for the first time for Monday Listicles with Northwest Mommy.  I just could not resist the opportunity to list 10 things that give me anxiety...

1. Report card day. And it is coming up very soon since today and tomorrow are teacher workdays here.  They are being prepared as I type. It gives me more anxiety now than it did when I was receiving them myself (with the exception of 10th grade when I was flunking Algebra). Lecturing/punishing/talking to a twelve year old for or about anything leaves me feeling the urge to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb.  

2. Dental appointments. Just typing that brought a feeling of nausea over me.  And my next one is coming up next month.  

3. Fighting/Bickering/Arguing/Shouting. I do not deal well with conflict or turmoil of any kind and my boys are at each other's throats more often than not. And no, I'm not on medication.  I just pray and blog.  A lot.  

4. Those animal abuse commercials.  Specifically the one with Sarah McLachlan.  Talk about ruining an otherwise perfectly fine day. Animal abuse makes me want to go all ape sh*t on somebody's arse.  

5. Trying on jeans or swimsuits. Swimsuits for obvious reasons and jeans because it is next to impossible to find a pair to fit my body.  I'm not lacking any junk in the trunk so finding a pair to fit that without having the gap at the lower back big enough to hold a watermelon is no small feat and leaves me feeling lightheaded and a little like I've just run a marathon.  Not that I would really know that though because I do not run.  Unless I'm chasing Brisco the bolting wiener dog. Which brings me to number six...

6. Bolting wiener dogs.  We adopted Brisco (Big Boy) and Charlene (Li'l Bit) in 2009.  The fosters warned us that Brisco is a "bolter".  Come again?  I had had fourteen years experience with Dachshunds at the time but had never heard of one doing this.  

They did not exaggerate.  He is a bolter and will seize any opportunity he gets in order to buzz past you and out of the open door that does not lead into the fence and hightail it to the woods at the speed of light. I have chased him through a creek, down a steep hill, through briers, woods and backyards more times than I care to remember. So has every other member of this household.  

When the doorbell rings, we all immediately look around for Brisco the Bolter and secure him before opening the door.  Fool me eleven times, shame on you!  Fool me twelve, shame on me!  

7. Grocery shopping.  I'm not sure what it is exactly that I hate so much about this task but I loathe it and will put it off for as long as I possibly can.  

8. Being asked to serve on a committee. This is extremely awkward for me because it's not that I don't care about the cause or that I'm unwilling to help out... I just don't do committees.  

9. Hearing "Momm!  The toilet is stopped up!" Yeah, I don't think this one needs an explanation.  

10. Worrying about the well-being of my boys and other loved ones.  I don't think I'm ever completely without worry.  It's like I somehow believe that if I don't acknowledge something as a possibility and place it in my worry box, then it has a greater chance of happening.  I know it's completely irrational and unhealthy but as much as I pray about it and blog about it, I just can't seem to let go of the worry.

But I'm working on it...

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  1. Great list. Thinking about the fact that I will eventually have a 12 year old fills me with anxiety. I must stay that I actually LOVE to grocery shop b/c it is me "me time" sad eh?

  2. Okay, LOVE that someone else chose to brave the anxiety topic!
    LOVE the one about the swimsuit/jeans etc. It doesn't matter how great/confident or thin I feel when I come outta that dressing room I don't feel good at all, ever.
    Great list.

  3. You and me both, girl!! As a matter of fact, I'm so anxious after reading all of those that I looked around for *my* bolter (to make sure she was still in the house), thanked goodness I don't have any upcoming dentist appts, and then FREAKED OUT about my grades this week (*my* grades...because I just returned to college recently--ACK!).

  4. Hahah!! Oh Sarah. Ruins everyone's day!
    I haven't had the pleasure of report cards yet.
    But I have had the pleasure of my son plugging up the toilet with a "trophy dump" was epic...and Shawn got poop water on his face plunging ;)
    Ps. I have been trying to comment on your blog for te last few days. For some reason it won't allow me to do it through google reader. I am typing this from my iPod. Not sure if it's just my stupid computer or something wrong with blogger. Just a heads up ;)

  5. I sure hope the report cards come out ok over there! I don't mind being on a committee, but I hate being the chair. I've done it many times, and each time I ended up doing everything myself. :(

  6. Being ask to be a member of anything for that matter... i am total rubbish with confrontation too. As for jeans and bikini: online for jeans, no bikinis period.

  7. Okay, I feel the need to step in here and be a bit opinionated. It sounds like most of the things you are anxious about are about how you are, teachers Stop worrying and love your kids. Don't fight with your 12 year old about school work. Give him opportunities to do his work and then let him take the consequences if he chooses not to use his time wisely. As a teacher and a parent I now know that kids start taking responsibility for themselves when they fall flat on their face a time or two. You may want to tell your sons' teachers that this is your approach so she won't give you any attitude for his poor choices. Trust me it is better for them to take responsibility now than their freshman year of college when so much is distracting.
    As for the dentist. Well heredity plays a key to even the most diligent brusher. You are amazing believe it!

  8. Great list! I too have a horrible time finding jeans that fit appropriately. Some day, perhaps?

  9. I worry about JDaniel too. Everything he says that is way outside of the box leads me to prayer.

  10. I think you are probably the first mom I ever heard say she hates grocery shopping. My kindred spirit, me too! Especially w. cranky kids in tow. Awful!

  11. I get anxiety every time my phone rings and I see it's the school.


    It's been happening a lot lately.

  12. I get so anxious when people argue or are even grouchy...just the tone of someones voice can leave a pit in my stomach. I love the though of "be still a minute" oh the things we miss because we aren't "still"

  13. My list: so different.

    Anxiety: crowded freeways, slippery roads, foggy freeways, snowed over freeways, icy roads..

    Hmmmm...seems it could all be easily cured by a move to a new state.

    Thanks for the therapy session, Doc.


  14. Definitely resonates with me...except the bolting doggies:)

    I have learned a great way to respond with being asked to do committees. There are usually one or two people that I work well with because they....1. value my time, 2. know that i like to be told what to do, and 3. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE...I don't do meetings:) So, it's easy to say "yes" when all these stipulations are met

  15. Just reading 2 is filling me with anxiety

  16. Yeah! I'm glad you chose the prompt too. I could add so many of yours to my list of anxieties. I used to get so anxious about going to the dentist that I just stopped going. I dread grocery shopping too.

  17. I can totally identify with almost everything on your anxiety list. Especially the one about 12-year old boys' report cards....

    Just remember: this, too, shall pass.

  18. I'm with you on so many of these...although report card anxiety for me is less about my own children's and more about all the ones I have to do and then all the conferences I have to have for parents that haven't bothered to keep up with the weekly conduct sheets and are "shocked".

    Swimsuits and jeans- yup!

    It's funny, I really do worry about the well-being of people I care about, but the well-being of my's like the one thing I've successfully put in God's hands and I'm mostly at peace with it...not all the time, but mostly!