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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fragments...

~I don't know why but I have taken up watching The Bachelor this season.  I'm off and on with that show.  Sometimes I can't stomach it at all but I have been sucked into the crazy this season. I'm not sure what kind of screening they do when choosing these women but I swear I think they purposely pick a few who are clearly clinging to their sanity by their pinkie toes in order to guarantee a good hearty dose of drama queen. 

~I bought some  Boca meatless chicken chicken-like patties last week.  I cooked a couple of them up the other night and slapped them on some whole wheat buns with a little mustard and mayonnaise. Devin actually argued with me by saying, "There is no way this is NOT chicken!"  This vegetarian thing is going along better than I had ever imagined and I honestly do not miss meat at all.  

~This cute little creeper has been hanging out in the holly tree beside my bedroom window.  I took this through the glass...

~I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this on Pinterest last week.  I cannot tell you how many times I have come home to this exact look!

~Someone is coming to measure the bonus room/bedroom upstairs this morning for new carpet.  I finished painting up there a couple of weeks ago. Sometime after I told the boys I was fixing that up as a family/rec room, we were all having a conversation and Devin said, "Next mom is going to make the bonus room into a pimpin pad!" (or something like that).   When I was twelve "pimpin" meant something entirely different but I'm pretty sure I didn't even know the word!  

~I just realized last night that Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day which means it's a three day weekend and I could not be more excited about the opportunity this will give me to sleep in on a Monday morning! And I'm not ashamed to admit that I may not even get out of my pajamas. 

~In case you were unaware, it's Friday the 13th!  I personally think superstitions are a little weird but I believed them all when I was a kid and was always careful to not do things like open umbrellas in the house and never failed to make an X in the air if a black cat crossed my path. Now I pretend it's good luck if I see one.  I guess that's weird too and I'm okay with that.      

~I want this sign...

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Happy Friday, Y'all!

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  1. That dog picture is hilarious!!! I should print that out and give it to my parents who just got a puppy for christmas.

  2. I miss those looks from dachshunds who sit on their bottoms, begging for a snack. It's a cute sight.

    I can't wait to see your new "pimpin" rec room. Fantabulous! Are you installing a 80" tv too? :)

  3. Darn! I forgot to mention that I also have gotten sucked into watching the Bachelor. My husband says it's good entertainment watching those women fight, cry, weep and claw at each other for one man! lol.

  4. That blogger on The Bachelor gives us a bad rap, doesn't she? She is all types of crazy, and that one girl...she's all types of skanky.

    I probably wouldn't even know it was Friday the 13th if people didn't tell me!

  5. First love the squirrel precious.

    And the Boca Chicken Burger...does it taste good then? I've eaten Boca Burgers and really like them, but haven't tried the chicken. If you tell me it's good, I will get some and try it.

    My Friday Fragments

  6. I've tried to quit watching the Bachelor, but apparently can't. Yes, I'm sure they pick a few crazy one's on purpose. It wouldn't be the same show without the drama.

  7. I love the dachshund pic And the closed mouth one!!! :)

  8. My cousin has a wiener dog and his stories just crack me up!!! There is so much character in those little bodies.

    I love PJ day!! We do them when the kids have done real well in school. Great motivation for my daughter!

    I want that closed minds and mouths sign also!!

  9. Boca Burgers are pretty good! I like the spicy chicken ones. I love the closed mouths sign!

  10. I watched The Bachelor last season but I'm like you--on and off that show. I decided not to waste my time on it this season.

    Glad we're off Monday--last week was very hectic for me so I really need an extra long weekend!