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Monday, January 16, 2012

So much for pajama day!

I just woke up fifteen minutes ago, at 9:52 a.m.  And I think I only woke up then because Brisco Darling walked into the room and gave me a glare that said, "WTH?  Don't you think it's high time you got your lazy arse up outta that bed and let me outside, already?!"

The boys are still sleeping and I know I should wake them up so that they can go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight but waking them will increase their time together which will also increase the amount of bickering I will have to endure today. So I've decided to sit here and drink my coffee in peace and let nature takes its course.  At least until 11:00.  I will be forced to take action if they are asleep past eleven.

My dreams of staying in my pajamas all day today have been crushed, however, since I never made it to the grocery store over the weekend.  I'm not exactly sure what it is that makes me loathe grocery shopping so much but I rank it right up there with housework and organizing things. 

I still haven't figured out how I landed this gig as a stay home mom yet because my housekeeping skills are mediocre at best.  I'd much rather decorate or paint the house than to clean or organize it. Just as I'd much rather make new outfits out of my clothing items than to hang, fold and color coordinate them all neatly in stacks and rows. And don't even ask me about the state of my kitchen cabinets or refrigerator. 

There are those among us who were blessed with the gift of organization and good housekeeping skills.  I am not one of them. And I accepted this fact long, long ago.    

I try.  Really, I do.  I can't tell  you how many times I've organized something like my closet.  I spent hours one Saturday back in September re-organizing it once again and was pretty successful at keeping it that way for awhile. I have the pictures to prove it...See?

And this is what it looks like today ...
I'm not sure why I just showed y'all that hot mess that can only be blamed on me and me alone since I'm the only one who goes into that closet. I think I'm hoping it will motivate guilt me into doing something about it.  

So now it's eleven o'clock (the time I said I'd wake up the brothers), I'm still in my pajamas, and I have vowed to get groceries and organize my hot mess of a closet.

If this motivational guilt trip thing works I'll be posting after pics tomorrow.  If not, then I'll try to come up with a good excuse...

Happy Monday!  

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  1. Oh now we have seen and will hold you accountable ... and its a job that can be done in pajama's - win!

  2. Girl, you are BRAVE showing the interior of your closet. (Don't feel bad though: mine's even worse.)
    Good luck with the boys, the groceries and the organizing today!

  3. It aint bad till you cant see the wood floor anymore. You got a couple a weeks to go.

  4. Thank you so much for showing us those pictures. Now I feel better about myself. Not because mine is better, but because I'm not the only one. I wish you luck today! I hope to see some pictures tomorrow!

  5. Good luck with the mess! Hope your day gets better.

  6. I'm so very, very, very weak in that department too. I go through bursts like you did, but I always fall back into my old sloppy ways.

  7. At least you took pictures of "The Golden Days"

    I did my closet last weekend.

  8. We don't stay home to clean and organize but to be there for our kiddles. I am proud of you for showing your clutter. Don't clean it, cook something out of the cabinet or freezer and stay in your jammies. It will all be okay if you 3 just stay home and bicker or craft or watch a movie or just sit with coffee looking out the window.

  9. I am with you on the grocery shopping thing. I hate it. HATE it. As for the closet...mine is atrocious. Partly because Hubs keeps picking up left out toys and putting them in tubs that he stows in our closet...never to be gone through by him. Just by me...if I'm lucky or by my children...unlucky!
    Sigh...good luck.

  10. Good luck.

    I'm leaving Boy Child to sleep so there is less bickering. Pity Girl Child won't sleep - she and I are clashing a fair bit at the moment. :(