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Sunday, August 14, 2011

About Maine...

I have an important announcement to make...

I am moving to coastal Maine.  

Okay, not really. I'd never survive the winter.  But I will definitely be returning at some point in the future.  We went to escape the heat and escape the heat we did! I don't think it got above 80 degrees the whole time we were there and the day it rained all day, the temperature remained a steady 61 the entire day.  And I had grown  so tired of the humid 95 degree heat that I didn't even mind the cool rainy day all that much.  

I really did not know a lot about Maine since I had never even been to New England at all but after flipping through a travel book I bought Charlie last Christmas, I knew I wanted to go.  

Here are just a few things I learned about coastal Maine...

1. It's all about the lobster or as they like to say in Maine, "lobstah"!  I still don't like the taste of it though.  I tried Charlie's and honestly, it just tasted fishy to me.  Just sayin'....

2.  They have quite a few vineyards there and the wine was pretty impressive. Who knew?  

3. The sun rises really, really early!  I woke up the first morning and would have sworn it was at least 7:00.  Nope. It was only 5:00.  I then woke up an hour and a half later, walked out on the porch, grabbed my little Canon powershot and snapped a couple of pics before going back to sleep.  I try my best to avoid mornings if at all possible but even I couldn't resist this....

4. The wildflowers, especially Queen Anne's Lace and  Goldenrod,
are abundant and breathtaking.  The Hydrandeas, Lilies and Blackeyed Susans seem to love it there too.  And I couldn't believe this big beautiful bush of Rosemary growing on the edge of the water as we were about to make our way onto the nearly mile long jetty leading out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse...


5. They are extremely fond of colorful Adirondack chairs there (me too!).  They were everywhere but this colorful row overlooks the vineyard at the Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville...

6. If you are not enjoying the current weather, no need to fret because it will most likely change in a few minutes.  One minute you're warm and comfy in a t-shirt and flip flops and the next minute you're reaching for your jeans and rain jacket...

7. The beaches are rocky, not sandy...

8. The mountains meet the sea...

9. The towns are quaint and the people are friendly...

10.  I am a huge fan.  

Until we meet again, Maine...


  1. What wonderful pictures! I went to Bar Harbor several years and loved the low humidity.

  2. Great pictures! So glad you had a good time!

  3. Love Maine. But I must confess, I too, would never survive the winters.

    And I only live two hours south by car. :)

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! We've been to coastal Maine and couple of times, and it's an easy place to love.

  5. Beautiful. I want to go to Maine! Glad you guys got to get away:0

    Since you are so into spray painting things I have a few Adirondack chairs you could have lots of fun with:)

    Those hydrangeas made me want to plan an all out attack on the deer that mowed 5--yes of mine down!

  6. How beautiful! I'm on my way! Those are great shots, and seriously make me want to visit. I adore small towns and beg my husband to move just so we can live in one. I want to grocery shop/shop from one store to another. :)

  7. We did Northern California this Summer, thinking know we should go to Maine for the next !

  8. I love those pics they are beautiful! Who is the hottie with the lobster hat, wink wink, hehe.

    Thanks for sharing.