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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Are Here (Re-post)

***Originally posted on April 13, 2010...

This whole moving thing has kicked my butt and took my name. 

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise dealing with incompetence?  Well, I do and I was given a great big hefty dose of it yesterday, courtesy of the contractor's employee who installed my DirectTV. 

I think it was a life test of my patience and ability to contain my thoughts and words while simultaneously refraining from taking physical force against another human being.

I passed, but only barely.

But, the good news is, we have t.v. again so yay for that!

I love the new house and we have so much more room but I am still feeling like I just have all my stuff in someone else's house. I suppose this is normal for someone who lived in the same house for 13 plus years. 

We should have our fence put up in about a week but for the time being, we've been taking Big Boy and Li'l Bit out on leashes and they seem to have some sort of aversion to doing their business while attached to a leash. 

Big Boy points his nose towards the woods and tries with all his might to pull me in that direction while Li'l Bit just seems to be along for the sight seeing.  

They broke out of the sun room yesterday when I was gone and left me a package in the bonus room which just happens to be the only room in the entire house with carpet.  

Why do dogs do that?!  Every single one I've ever known prefers   carpet or rugs to hardwood and tile. 

Must just be a dog thing.

Enough of the complaining though because truly, I have nothing at all to complain about.  I have had countless blessings bestowed upon me and as I sit here in the quiet stillness of this beautiful room surrounded by unpacked boxes, I am reminded of each and every one of them.   

God is good and I am so humbly and eternally grateful for Him and His unending love and patience with me and all of my human imperfections.  His everpresence in my life is what keeps me grounded and reined in when I  start to feel my temper flaring and my blood pressure rising. 

I hear His voice saying, "Diane, this is a minor, insignificant thing that you have no reason to get upset about.  Look around you at all that I have blessed you with" and that brings me back to reality and puts a smile back on my face.

I haven't quoted my treasured Marjorie Holmes book in awhile so I leave you with her words today,


     Oh God, my God, when the winds cry I hear you, when the birds call I hear you,
when the sea rushes in it is like the rushing of my being toward yours.
You are voice of wind and bird and beat of sea.
  You are the silent steady pulsing of my blood.
I would know you better, I would taste your essence,
 I would see your face.
Yet these few small senses of mine cannot do more.
You have defined their limits, you have set them within
a framework from which we can only see and touch and hear and attempt
to know these marvels that you have made.

But this too is the marvel-that you are within each of us as well.
As we are drawn toward your greatness we are drawn
toward the greatness within ourselves.
We are larger beings, we are greater spirits.
The hunger for you kindles a holy fire that makes us
kinder, gentler, surer, stronger- ever seeking,
never quite finding, but always keenly aware that you are
all about us and within us.

You are here.

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