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Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Days...

I'm not crying. I'm not. Really, I'm not. But I am a little teary because I just watched as my oldest boarded the bus to his first day of 7th grade...middle school!  I didn't expect to get emotional but as soon as my finger left the button of the camera after snapping a picture of him packing up his bag with his Mom, pleease! look on his face, I found myself fighting back the waterworks.   

I hated middle school.  Loathed it.  But I had to endure it for three grades and those still remain three of the most awkward and uncomfortable years of my life and I am now 40.  Thank God my kids aren't as shy as I was and seem to make friends easily. I mean I really, literally thank God for that on a regular basis.  

Middle school is not a good place to be when you are painfully shy which brings me to the writing prompt from Mama Kat's workshop I've chosen for this week, Top ten reasons why you're glad you're done with school ...

1.  I stink at math.  Basic math, no problem.  But start throwing logarithms and compound fractions my way and I break out into a cold sweat and begin hyperventilating.  Okay, maybe it's not quite that bad but oh, what I would have given for good ol' Google back in the day!  It's gotten us through many a math assignment since the boys have been in school.  

2.  Oral reports.  Those were my two most feared words in all my years of public and higher education.  I would have rather written five reports than to stand up in front of the class and present just one.

3.  Kickball.  I'm really not that un-athletic.  In fact, at home in my comfort zone I wasn't half bad but get me out there on the playground at school and I couldn't kick a ball three feet.  So needless to say, that whole business of lining everyone up while the two most athletic kids in the class chose their picks was not my idea of a good time.

4. Those classes where the teacher obviously just really didn't like his/her job and had no teaching skills to speak of so instead of actually teaching, had us take turns reading aloud from the text book.  I recall one class in middle school....Social Studies I think it was.  I had always made A's and B's before that class.  My mother was so shocked to see a D on my report card that I don't think she  knew whether to punish me or take me to the doctor.  

5.  I'm not a morning person so there were many, many days I found myself dozing off at my desk especially in those classes like the one I just mentioned in number four! 

6. Being called by my last name in P.E. and Band.... "My name is Diane, thank you very much!"   Which brings me to number seven...

7. My name is Paula Diane but no one ever called me Paula except of course at the DMV, the doctor's office and the teachers on the first day of school roll call which forced me to have to speak aloud in front of the class in order to correct her/him.  So by the time I got to middle school and had 6 plus teachers a day...well,  let's just say my comfort zone was completely demolished by the end of the day.  

8. The drama.  Okay, I'll admit, I could be a little overly dramatic at times.  Like say, if I scraped my knee or burned my finger or had to get a shot or didn't have a green shirt to wear on St. Patty's Day but the creation of drama just for the sake of creating it I have never, ever understood.  And middle school and high school are prime breeding grounds for DRAMA. 

9. The bus.  Luckily, neither of my boys seem to mind it though I am taking Dracen this year since his comes by the house at 6:45 (which is just all kinds of insane!) but the bus was not a fun place for the shy girl.  

10. The strict schedules. Come hell or high water (unless there is some extenuating circumstance beyond my control) I am going to be on time but monotonous schedules and routines, while I am fully capable of adhering to them, bore me to tears!  

And there you have it....ten reasons why I'm glad I'm done with school.  Now to get my two boys through the next 10 to 14 years of elementary, middle, high school and college.  But not that I'm in any hurry or anything.

Because we all know that while it seemed like forever until we grew up and got out on our own, the days and years go by way too fast when it comes to our babies...  


  1. The bus makes my list, too! I rode the bus for about 2 weeks and then begged my parents to take me to school! Fortunately they did! I so hated that bus...

  2. OOOOOH THE DREADED BUS!!! My kids WILL NOT ride the bus here. Not if I can help it.

  3. #3--I am so with you, except I was NOT athletic AT ALL and I was always, always the last one chosen.

    I thought about doing this prompt. It's so interesting to see what everyone else says about school. My list would be quite different. Except for #3. :)

  4. Great post! I've had a love-hate relationship with school all my life. And I made the crazy decision to TEACH after getting my (useless) degree. I'm glad to be done with that part of my life so all I have to do is transition my girl to Kindergarten. But this break won't last long, I will "start school" (Lord-willing) in January once again... Nursing school this time.

  5. Every year I feel a little sadder when it's time for my boys to start school. I realize I won't have them much longer. We are lucky that their school is one minute from our house and we are extra lucky that it doesn't start until 8:30!

  6. Sorry to be so long commenting (we've been in the Outer Banks, buttoning up our beach house....). I read your comment on my blog on my Blackberry earlier today, and see what you mean.... our blogs are almost identical today! Aren't we glad we made it through those years?!

  7. Two words honey...

    Dodge. Ball.

    It gave every cool kid permission to torture all the less cool kids.


    It does go by all to fast. Bonus brother turns 17 today. He starts his senior year next week.

    And I can't tell him anything... seems he knows it all.


  8. oh oral reports...hated them. you had everything perfect in your head until you got up and knew all eyes were on you. i still get nervous thinking about it lol

  9. oh oral reports...hated them. you had everything perfect in your head until you got up and knew all eyes were on you. i still get nervous thinking about it lol

  10. My kids started 1st and 3rd grades this year. My son said, "Mom! Can you believe you have a 3rd-grader?" No. I cannot. Waaaaaaaaaa! I can't imagine seeing them off to middle school.

    MY least favorite thing about school? Besides the math (don'chu even get me started about that dang Pythagorean Theorem!) has got to be changing in the locker room.

    I was a late bloomer in the chest department (by "late" I mean, I'm 37, and still waiting for my boobies), and changing in front of my friends and their pretty B and C-cup bras while I still donned an undershirt--for crying out loud--was the height of humility.