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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa, elves, and nutcrackers, oh my!

Last week I shared some of my many redbird ornaments with you. This week it's all about Santa and his elves.  And I'm throwing in a couple of nutcrackers too!

My mother-in-law Pat has many vintage elves that she's had...well, since they weren't "vintage". I have always loved them and even have a couple of them that she allows to hang out here at my house. 

Every Christmas I look around to see if I can find any new ones but never have any luck. Well this year, my luck changed cause I scored some elves! And they are keepin' watch all over my house...from the bathroom to the kitchen to the chandeliers... 


Got elf?

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday hosts:



  1. Beautiful vintage Christmas decorations... and I LOVE your whining sign! I need that!

  2. Those are really cool. You have a ton of them!

  3. Creepy but cool vintage creepy. They have lots of character. Don't worry, I have a Christmas village that's fully equipped with creepy porcelain people.

  4. No I have not 'got elf" but yours look great. Very Christmasy. And yes I know that's the point...just have a master of the obvious day I think! LOL

  5. I had that elf holding his knees as a child! It was one of my most loved, and somehow I've lost it! Did you recently buy it? Where?

  6. Love the Elves.

    Samuel has a collection of nutcrackers we get out for his room every Christmas. He has a really cool UGA one that we keep out all year long. A couple of months ago he asked if he could put it somewhere else because it gave him the "creeps". It's always looking at him.

    I proceeded to tell him about this scary doll I had when I was younger. My older sister happened to torment me about her:) I think she was named "Nacomi"?

  7. Diane, I love your post, but facing the elf' that lives in the Red bathroom, was a bit much.... I guess lady's don't notice, but guys will... LOL He need's a new home!