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Monday, December 20, 2010

Behind the scenes

It's a school makeup day today since they missed last Thursday due to slick roads.  Stinks we had to get up early but does give me a little time today to do some last minute secret Christmas stuff.  They do get out two hours early this afternoon though which means I must limit my blogging time this morning.  

We jollied it up pretty good over the weekend.  Friday night we headed to Clemmons to see the lights at Tanglewood.  It's about an hour and 15 minutes away and I've always heard so much about it but had never been before.

 According to the brochure they handed us when I paid them our 15 bucks as we drove by the booth, it is the largest Christmas lights display in the Southeast.  It was pretty spectacular but I couldn't stop myself from constantly repeating, "Wow, it must've taken a really long time to put all these lights out...I certainly wouldn't want that job! And to think, they have to take them DOWN again after Christmas.  When do you think they start putting them out?  August?"  

I always do that.  With everything.  "Look at the size of that house!  It really is beautiful but I wouldn't want to clean it!"  It must be motherhood that has done this to me because I can't recall always being this way.  But, honestly, I can't seem to kick back and enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor now without thinking of all the hours of work that some poor soul(s) put into it.  

Like yesterday, we went to see The Nutcracker Ballet in Charlotte  I told y'all we jollied it up.  and while I was awed by it just as much as when I saw it in Atlanta in the 6th grade, I caught myself doing it again, in my head...  "Just look at the grace, elegance and beauty they posses as they make it look so effortless to twirl around on the tips of their toes like that.  I can only imagine the countless hours of practice they must put into this".  

I even took it further by thinking of all the work that must go into the beautiful props and costumes.  I really have not given the fact that I constantly do this much thought until just this moment.  Am I the only one?  Or is this something that comes with maturity? adulthood? parenthood?  

Because I know I didn't think of things like that so much as a child and not nearly as much before I had kids.  Being a parent is absolutely the most important job I have ever had. But it is also the hardest.  

Those two Y chromosome we're raising are two of the most stubborn and headstrong little peeps this side of the Mississippi too.  I have no idea where they get it either.  BwaHaHaa!  Paybacks are rough.

They normally never, ever have to dress up, not even for church.  So yesterday when they came into the kitchen dressed for The Nutcracker  I knew there was about to be a battle because Devin was wearing his standard Old Navy jogging-type pants and a t-shirt and Dracen had on jeans and a Duke t-shirt with a hole in the middle of it.  

While I wasn't about to suggest they wear a coat and tie if they owned such attire , they were at the very least going to put on some nice jeans and a button up shirt.  Charlie put it best when he said Devin was acting as if someone had poured acid on him.  Seriously.  At least now I know of a a really good punishment for him.   "Oh, you got another note home from school? Button up shirts for the rest of the week!  Muahaha! " 

I know they're boys but they do have my blood flowing through their veins so one would think they wouldn't mind the occasional dressing up.  I mean, come on!  I was the little girl who wanted to wear my ruffled dresses with bells underneath, patent leather shoes and ringlets in my hair to go to town on Saturday.  

I think they really did enjoy the ballet though.  We went to eat afterwards and I asked Devin if he liked it and he actually said yes.  I then asked which he liked better, the ballet or the hockey game we went to a few weeks back and he was quick to say the hockey game.  But when I asked Dray, he said he didn't know which he liked better.

All in all, I think it was a success. 

Even if they did strip out of their nice shirts as soon as they got back in the car.  They, of course, had their ratty t-shirts on underneath.

Boys will be boys. 

Now if y'all will excuse me, I must head to the wonderful world of Wally World for some more behind the scenes Christmas work.  


  1. Well dern...I didn't realize you were in NC. Or if I did...I forgot. I lived in Winston Salem until I was 16, then my parents moved further east. The Nutcracker is playing around here right now too, and I really want to take my girls. I think they would love it...and they would love dressing up ;) Boys are definitely different creatures. But oh so loving to their mama's :D

  2. The Nutcracker is so amazing. As a mom who's daughter dances . . yeah. Work. We did a Holiday Magic show this year, and as she gets older the work gets harder. So I'm right there with you. I go, "Look at them dance. Ugh, my toes!" And the cleaning thing? We once looked at a house, and I seriously looked at the master bath, said, "Oh, helll no. I am NOT cleaning that." and we left. :)

  3. I feel your pain. We go through it every week for church. My boys also wear their normal clothes under their nice stuff and the minute they hit the car, off go the nice ones. I am lucky if they make it into the house...the clothes that is.