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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was first inspired to write in response to grief.  It came in the form of poems and most all the ones I wrote when I was grieving poured out of me as if the words owned me and I could do nothing else until the poem was complete.   

It was a very compelling feeling and also extremely emotional for me.  I would often cry so intensely while writing that I had trouble seeing the words I was trying to get down. 

But I always felt somewhat relieved and in an improved state of mind when I finished one.  It was like I had just sat down for a one on one therapy session with God.  I had gotten some of the pain out of me and it was invigorating. 

Now I am inspired to write for many reasons.  Sometimes I do still write about my experience with grief because I have always believed in my heart that the trials, storms and battles we survive in life are meant to improve not only ourselves, but others too.

The mere thought that something I wrote could somehow help, in some small way, another person going through a difficult time is the greatest inspiration for me to continue doing it.  

But aside from the emotional writing about surviving grief, I have come to love writing itself.   Writing about being a mom of boys, about dogs, friendship, love, God, joys, passions, things that amuse me, things I find bewildering...  

Writing has become more than a hobby.  It is a necessity for me now.  Or at least it feels that way. I am constantly thinking about the next thing I'm going to write and catching myself saying, "oh, this is going to make a great story!  I can't wait to write about it."

Life inspires me to write.  And having other people actually read and leave feedback on what I write is like the cherry on top.

This post was written in response to Mama Kat's writing prompt number 4... What inspires you to write?

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  1. I'm so glad you're writing because I honestly and truly LOVE reading your blog. You are wonderful! (But I am sad that the initial origin was born of grief.)

  2. I'm so glad that you love it, too- b/c your posts are so insightful.

  3. Keep writing and keep chasing the dream. A lot of people find comfort and enjoyment from your experiences and prose.

    Cherry on top! ;-)

  4. Your inspiration is inspirational :)

  5. I feel the same way about my writing too! I've been journaling ever since I learned to write, but blogging is something new to me. They both have a medicinal affect on me and having even one person finding value in something I put out makes it so much more rewarding!

  6. I love your blog! Isn't it interesting how simply writing about life can bring so much satisfaction. Really.

  7. Great post... I'm going to have to think about why I write... I think it's free therapy...

    You ARE an inspiration!

  8. So glad to be able to see the "end" results of your theraputic process.

    I think that some things in life start out from hitting absolute bottom. But, as people work through it, it becomes a life line for others who are struggling through the realities of life (often, times harsh realities). Just a thought.