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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch with second graders and some words to live by

Why must I remind that child to get his book bag every.single.morning. before he gets in the car? Let me miss a day and by gosh, that book bag is stayin' right there in the kitchen. 

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have forgotten to remind him this year.  And by "him" I mean the Dracenator.  We pull up at the school for drop off this morning and I hear "Where's my book bag"?!


Bless his heart.  And bless Charlie's heart because he was the one to go out of his way to take it to him before driving to work. 

He invited me to come eat lunch with him at school Tuesday and while I had planned to go to yoga at lunchtime, how could I pass up an invitation like that? 

Besides, I know it's just a matter of time before he turns into his brother and had rather have his eyes gouged out than see me show up at the school.  And, heaven forbid, put a cramp in his style in the presence of his peers. 

So I showed up in his classroom as they were getting ready to line up for lunch.  And I could've sworn I heard the following exchange of words between two little boys I did not know at the front table...

Is that your mom?

"No.  My mom is way better than that".

Oh, no he didn't!  What does he mean by "better" and did I even hear him correctly?  Then I told myself that it is not wise nor healthy to seek validation from second graders.  

But then I changed my mind after they lined up and I took my place beside Dray.  The little precious angel boy in line behind him asked,

Are you Dracen's mom?

"Why, yes, yes, I am."

I wanna sit with you. 

And then turns to the Dracenator and says, Gimme five, buddy!

To which Dray responds by giving him his best wth? look.   

Ah, come on buddy!   he says.

I'm lovin' this kid. 

Then the kid in front of him, who I swear reminds me of a little Tony Soprano every time I see him, asks (2nd graders are full of questions),

How old is he? (as he points to Dray)

"He's 7", I say.  To which Dray shoots me one of his brother's best looks of disgust that tells me my days at the school are bordering on endangerment. 

I'm 8. Today.

"Oh, today's your birthday? Well, Happy Birthday!"

Thanks.  They surprised me this morning before the um bus came.  There was like this great big um (shows me how big with his hands) box and it was mine and um, guess what?  It was a TRAMPOLINE!

"Oh wow.  Dracen got one for his birthday too but he never jumps on it." 

This is where Dray pipes up and says, "I DO TOO!"   Oh yeah, my days at the school are definitely numbered.  I can feel it in my bones.

Little Tony just gives him a look like he thinks he's insane and we head to the cafeteria. 

We did not sit with Tony, Jr. but the sweet little boy who wanted to sit with us is right there on the other side of Dray and there are one other little boy and two little girls. 

I'm eating my lunch, a bbq sandwich, which was surprisingly very edible and chatting it up with Dray when I hear the sweet boy,the other boy and one of the girls having a conversation (if you can call it that) that went something like this, 

Me wanna eat a chair! BwaHa! 

"Oh yeah, well me wanna eat some dirt! He he heee!"

I'm forgetting all the crazy things they said they wanted to eat but the following came from the boy I thought was sweet sweet boy's mouth,

Me wanna eat my cat! I did eat it! Ha haaa!!!

Me:  "What?!  Why would you want to eat your cat?"

Cause they made me.  It got shot in the head and so we had to eat it. 

Then it was time to line up and put the trays away.  And thank God because I don't think my brain could have stood any more of that riveting conversation. 

That was all just the overactive imagination of a 7 year old, right?  Right?  For the love of all that is four legged and furry, I'm countin' on it! 

When I left the school I headed to A.C. Moore to get some silk flowers for my mother.  If you all have been following my blog for awhile you know that she had a mystery illness back in the summer that progressed rapidly, landing her in the hosptial for nearly 3 weeks, with the partial loss of her eyesight, nasal septum and numbness and loss of feeling in her hands and feet. 

She was diagnosed with vasculitis and has been on a long road to recovery since.  She is an inspiration to so many because despite all the disabilites she has been dealt, she keeps on going and keeps on smiling and constantly reminds us all to stay positive and to never get down on life. 

She loves facebook and though it is hard for her, she is back on it daily with her uplifting words and smiles of encouragment. 

Her cherished friend, Cindi, who she met and connected with via facebook but has never met face to face because she lives in another state, who was always telling her,  keep your chin up, buttercup! sent her a beautiful smiley face arrangement when she was in the hospital. 

Though the flowers had long since died, she still had the mug and asked me to make a silk arrangement in it... 

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. ~Hugh Downs

Y'all have a great weekend and from the words of my mother, 

Remember to Keep Smiling!  :)


  1. never know what kids are going to say, and you never know what might be TRUE! And my kids are always trying to forget something! It's great that your mom has a positive attitude, it makes such a difference. My Dad, who has been battling Leukemia, has a "glass-half-empty" philosophy, and that is NOT a helpful coping strategy. (He's doing pretty well and cancer free, so we have a LOT to be grateful for!)

  2. I believe in the power of positive thought so much, that I bam into my kids thinking.

    You must be positive always.

    The alternative will NOT serve you.

    Your mother was very wise, the kind of wise that I respect, from the heart.

  3. I found your blog through the SITS linky and started reading through it. Now I've joined through GFC! This post is both funny and sweet. Best wishes and blessings for your mother in her journey of recovery! (I'm at

  4. I found your blog through the SITS linky and started reading through it. Now I've joined through GFC! This post is both funny and sweet. Best wishes and blessings for your mother in her journey of recovery! (I'm at

  5. Getting hit on by a second grader! You go girl!
    And yes, I agree, take all the lunches with them that you can because before you know it, they know it all, and you're crap.

  6. Wow! I'm impressed with the arrangment. I could never do that!

    I'm so thankful my 10 year old still acts like he knows me. I know my days are numbered;0