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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!

The prompts:
1) Interview your kids...what do they think Thanksgiving is for? What are they thankful for? etc. 
2.) Share a photo of what Thanksgiving looks like in your neck of the woods.
3.) Write a poem about the things you are thankful for.
4.) Describe a memorable Thanksgiving.
5.) Forget Thanksgiving, write about that time you fell down

Mama's Losin' It

Me: What is Thanksgiving about?

Dracen(age 7)Indians

MeIndians? Well, what else? 

Dracen: Worshipping God

MeWhat about the pilgrims?  What did they do?

DracenOh yeah. They worshipped God too.

MeSo what are you thankful for?

Dracen: (sigh)..Everybody has been asking me that.

Me: Oh really? Well, what did you tell them? What are you thankful for?

Dracen: as he dips his Oreo into his cup of milk and strains to see what's on Cartoon Network over my shoulder... I dunno.

And that's when I decided to try my hand at a poem.

I'm thankful for facebook
and blogging and tweets
I'm thankful for blackberry,
almost more than sweets!

I'm thankful for Google,
email and Yahoo
I'm thankful for IM
and wikipedia too!

I'm thankful for this laptop,
We've gotten pretty tight
I'm thankful for the convenience
it gives me to write!

I'm thankful for this workshop
that Mama Kat hosts
I'm thankful for the inspiration
it gives me to post!

I'm thankful for all of you
who read what I say
And I'm thankful even more
when you pause to say "Hey"!



  1. I'm thankful for your blog because it makes the distance and years seem not so far.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. How cute are YOU? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Adorable interview. Sounded an awful lot like trying to interview my kids! Love the poem too - great post!

  4. I love the poem - I'm always so envious of people who can write poetry!

  5. Cute all around! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  6. absolutley adorable! Love the interview and poem! :)

  7. Great poem and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  8. Love the poem!! So good! And the typical! My kids are the same way!

  9. I'm thankful your list of "thanks" was full of good stuff like Facebook and computers! If I read another post about someone who is grateful for their kids...because, umm...nobody would EVER guess that!

  10. Super cute! It's nice to see that someone is thankful for more.than the "usual" things :D

  11. Your poem is so cute! So very different than anyone else's I've read. Creative:) I'm visiting from Mama Kats and will be back to see what's new.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  13. Cute and for the record I agree!! :) I often think, where would I be without my blog, Facebook friends, Twitter account, laptop and iPhone. :)

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's