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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hockey and Big Hair

Living my entire life in the south has left me unexposed to the world of hockey though there is a semi-pro team here.  So Friday night we headed out to Charlotte and I experienced my very first hockey game ever. 

I knew enough to know it is a rough sport and often entails a fight or two.  More than once have I heard the saying, we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. So I expected that there may be a little fightin'. 

What I didn't count on, however, was the nonchalant attitude the refs had about it all.  They were all, oh, you wanna fight...okay, go on ahead. we'll wait. It seemed almost expected by the refs, the players and most of all, the fans.  Those  hockey people are a rowdy bunch of folk. And the demolition duo that is my offspring soaked it all right up. 

I also learned that it is, apparently, customary in the game of hockey to shout obscenities at the other team. Non-stop.

We had no more than taken our seats, several minutes before the game started, when a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) whipped out his megaphone and started shouting, Suck!  You suck! at the other team.

Suck seemed to be the preferred insulting word amongst the fans, especially of the little rugrat directly behind us. I kid you not, this boy could not have been more than 8 years old and he bellowed out the.entire.night. in his best outdoor voice ...


Y'all.  I do not lie.  I wanted to jerk that little potty mouthed pistol up and take him to the bathroom for some good ol' fashioned mouth washin'.  His mama was not there.  Just the dad, who, evidently draws the line at ball (as in scrotum) talk because the only time he called him down was when he started in on something about somebody's balls. 

Well, at least there was a line, as faint as it was.

In addition to all the fan enthusiasm, it was 80s night.  So they played 80s music all night that took me back to my big hair and acid wash denim days.   A few of the fans and the cheerleaderish dancy girls sported 80s gear.  Or at least what they thought was 80s gear since most of them weren't even alive or were still in diapers in the 80s. 

These girls didn't have a clue how to go about producing a hairdo with a presence all its own that enters the room before they do.  Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing.  I'm just sayin'.  The 80s was all about the hair. Like Truvy said to Shelby after fixin' her hair for her wedding in Steel Magnolias (which is, in my opinion, one of the finest movies ever made)...  

This, my dear, is goin' into the hairdo hall of fame!

Back in my hair days, I would spend countless hours each week producing what I thought was a contender for the hairdo hall of fame.  It took a lot of time, patience, energy, and Rave hairspray to get there but come hell or high water, I was not leavin' that house until I had my big hair perfected and sprayed so stiff that a hurricane couldn't have messed it up. 

or a hockey fight.


  1. I think the players fight each other willingly and enthusiastically; Otherwise, they would be forced to fight 1000 rabid hockey fans. It reminded me of the Romans watching Gladiators...I LOVED IT!

  2. We went to a hockey game in Charlotte and have been to one in Atlanta. It was very lively.

    I don't mind watching Hockey. I hate watching my 65 lb boy on the football field trying to tackle huge guys with orange dots on their helmets:)

    Don't forget about perms. No matter what you do to make your hair look 80's if you don't have a perm it just ain't big enough!

  3. Lately, there seems to be alot of '80s days goin' down. I am amused at some of the interpretations of the '80s look. Most of them don't even come close-ESPECIALLY the hair. What a wonderful, wonderful time for the "Big Hair" look, and one that I will treasure always. Because I just have let go of the big hair, and I now sport that flat hair look (so boring but functional). Ah, there was nothing sexier than a big, glorious, hair-sprayed do. My weapon of choice was White Rain (the pump kind). I had the longest, sexiest, curliest, sprayed hair you can imagine. I'll post a pic sometimes. Love yours, Diane! Thanks for your great blogs!

  4. I actually enjoy the sport of hockey, but can't go because I hate the fighting. It literally makes me nauseous!

    You are so cute in your 80's hair, oh how I remember that!

    Hey!!! You live in NC??? Me too!

  5. We have partial season tickets to the Minnesota Wild and while I do enjoy a good hockey fight here and there, I can't say I've even seen such an awesome display of poor sportsmanship. Ever. And I grew up watching hockey.

  6. I've never been to a hockey game but I think I'd like it. I'd rather watch that than football.

  7. This sounds like a SNL skit! What kid sits at a game and yells about sucking eggs?!?! That is so wrong on so many levels... I feel bad for you; that would have ruined my night!

  8. I've never been to a hockey game, but I've heard they're pretty crazy. Hubby went to one last year...

    Oh, and that's one of the best 80's hair style's I've seen! lol :) Not over done or short... nice

  9. I'm a big fan of hockey. Grew up in Michigan. The Upper part, so it's basically Canada. Now that my kid is interested, though? I don't want to see him get hit. or lose teeth. Dude, he's FIVE. But still. If he's good, he'll play for years. And I won't be able to watch.

  10. 80s? My dear, I live in a place where no one would blink if you wore it to the mall today.

  11. I LOVE this post. Hockey, rugby and "football" (AKA Soccer) are MY games. Why??...because they get bloody! Love the picture, love the post!! =)

  12. Love the pic! I know exactly what you mean since I am 46. Lived through it, glued to MTV.

  13. Your post got me laughing my butt off. I can just imagine how you felt with that little monster shrieking behind you. Then the big hair part..."a hurricane couldn't have messed it up" is hilarious. You are beautiful. Hope you don't mind my following.

  14. At least you looked *good* in big hair. I have hunted down all pictures of me in the 80's and burned them. ;-)

  15. 80s hair - ugh - drives me nuts when old photos & videos surface with me in my Aquanet days. I swear it was the 80s that swore me off the use of any hairspray if I can get away with it.

  16. The fighting at hockey games really is the best part...Now that hair was a bit scary, ha! I never got big hair no matter how hard I tried. ;)

  17. I've never been interested in sports, but when my son was little he played hockey. So you guessed it, I began enjoying hockey !!!
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