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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Writing It Down

I can't say why I just flat out stopped writing this blog. Sometimes these things just happen, I suppose. There seem to be fewer and fewer hobby bloggers around these days. Almost all the blogs I once read daily have long since up and died, much like this one. Leaving it to rest in peace has mostly seemed like the best option for the past several months but something whispered to me in the car on my second trip back home from the middle school this morning. 

So here I am.

That something most certainly sprang from my frustrated state with that youngest boy of mine (a 7th grade middle-schooler now) who is still testing our parenting skills and all-around patience on a daily basis. Time management is a concept he still seems to be completely unfamiliar with and although middle school starts 30 minutes later than the elementary school (8 as opposed to 7:30), I'm still squealing tires pulling out of the driveway most mornings. 

The school secretary already knows my face since I am regularly dropping forgotten items off with her. Sometimes it's athletic clothes or shoes, sometimes a lunchbox, sometimes a notebook... But this morning? It was the whole dang book bag. How do you not realize that you have left for school without your forty pound backpack is beyond my comprehension but I suppose it had something to do with the fact that he was scanning the car for his shoes (which he always kicks off on the way home from anywhere) just before getting in. 

So of course, being the sucker good mother that I am, I came home, threw on something resembling actual clothes, and headed back across town to deliver a book bag. And about halfway back to the house, it just hit me how much I missed writing all this craziness down. Not just the frustrating crazy, but the good crazy too. Because as time has been seemingly speeding up with each passing year, I'm being constantly reminded of just how very quickly these days will be gone and no matter how frustrating they can be, I know well enough by now to just appreciate them for what they are because I'm gonna miss them like the dickens when they're gone.

Devin is a man-sized driving junior in high school, a fact which often still seems more surreal to me than not. In less than a mere two years from now, he will be a high school graduate and Dracen will be a high school freshman. Two.years! Time is a sneaky little beast and while none of us can pause it, halt it, or slow it down, we can, at the very least, document it. 

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  1. I have missed you.

    And I think I may have passed you once or twice on my way back to the middle... and high school... for forgotten things. (Including the back pack... how DOES one forget that 40 pound bag???)

    If you can't find me, I am back at my old home Seems someone snatched up my .com when I wasn't paying attention. :)

  2. So great to see you back, Diane! I've been struggling, too, with keeping my blog up and running, but I'm trying! I just can't let it slip away. Yes, relish in the time you have with your boys. Take my will fly by!

  3. Your post is like a long awaited letter from a good friend. Lately I've been coming to the same conclusion as you - appreciate these hectic days for what they are because time sure does fly by so quickly! Sooner than I know, my house will be empty and I'm sure I'll find myself wishing if I could only have these precious days back with my children home again....

  4. I'm so glad you're back writing. I love having a snippet of what's going on in your life!