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Friday, November 6, 2015

Catching Up

Since I took such a ridiculously long hiatus from blogging, 
I thought it'd be fun to look back through my photos and pick out a few highlights from the past nine months...

Back in February...
I finally found a slipcovered sectional sofa at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams outlet to replace the two big, bulky leather recliner sofas I'd grown to despise. And, as you can see, the dachshunds wasted no time whatsoever breaking it in. The whole point was to get something I could take the covers off and wash on a regular basis because I'd heard such great things about them. Well. I washed it once and nearly ended up crying in the floor because (for the love!) they did NOT want to go back on. They finally did but it took some serious man (and woman) power and they have not been off again since. 

At the end of March...
Dracen was confirmed in the church after weeks of confirmation class.
Yep, the boy is officially bonafide.

April brought turkey hunting season and Dracen went
for the first time ever and shot this thing, which Momaw Pat was kind enough to cook up for him. 
(A wild game cooker I am not)

 With early May came prom. 
I didn't expect that yet since Devin was only a sophomore but he was asked to go by a junior.We took them out to the meeting place where the limo would pick them and several of their friends up. I have to say that I was completely clueless as to the HUGE deal that  prom has become in the many years since I attended one. We didn't take that many photos at our wedding! There were hoards of parents and professional photographers following these kids around like the Paparazzi. I recall my mom snapping a couple of shots with the disc camera (remember those?) on the front porch and maybe a couple at the car and we were on our way. The times they have 'a changed. 

As Charlie and I were coming back into our neighborhood that afternoon (after dropping the celebrities off) we came upon this beautiful, scared and lost-looking dog so I, being the extreme dog lover that y'all know I am, pulled the car over and she wasted no time whatsoever jumping right up into the car onto my lap. And this was no lap-dog-sized dog. So what are you gonna do but take her home?We tried for weeks to find who she belonged to (no collar, tags or chip) so I contacted a local rescue and we became her foster family until she was adopted. It took a little over a month to find her forever home. I still miss her adorable, sweet self but she was a lot of dog to handle with the three we already had.

With June came Dracen's 6th grade/elementary school graduation and there were a few tears (mine, not his).

The week after graduation/ the first week of summer break, I felt confident in my ability to foster a dog temporarily without becoming so attached that I could never part with her/him. So...on that first Tuesday afternoon of summer break, Dracen and I found ourselves driving way out to a kill shelter in a rural county to save this little chihuahua who ended up being called Eli (also Dracen's middle name). Well, Eli didn't get any adoption applications for four whole months so guess who decided there was no way, no how she could part with him after that much time? Yep. So that's how we now have four dogs. I will do a whole post on this soon but let's just say that my life has quite literally gone to the dogs, but I always secretly knew that it would. 

(Eli aka Tidbit)

July is always a big month around here since the boys have their birthdays on the 17th and 18th. Dracen turned 12 and Devin, 16. I  just don't get it because I still feel 28 most days. Okay, 32. 

Devin with his birthday persimmon pudding, made my Momaw Pat.

Dracen with his requested three layer cake, made by me,
the non-baker. 

The end of July we took a week's vacation to St. Helena Island. It is a non-touristy little place off the coast of South Carolina, near Beaufort, where the air is salty, the tea is sweet and the majestic oak trees are dripping with spanish moss. In other words, my kind of place. We did take a day trip to Savannah and a couple of trips to the beach just up the road at Hunting Island State Park. I had been there once with Darin and Devin, when he was just an infant, and it was just as amazing as I remembered it. It feels like you have left the country when you drive down into that park (they filmed many of the Forrest Gump Vietnam scenes there).

The end of August brought back to school. This was a big year since Dracen started middle school (only 7th & 8th grades here) and Devin became an upperclassman. Again...HOW?!
I know these are the worst first-day-of-school pics ever but when boys get to be 12 and 16, you just take what you can get and let it go.

On September 8th Devin was eligible to take his driving test and he passed, so I now have a licensed "child". I've always been a praying woman but me and God have gotten even closer over the past couple of months. You know that quote by Elizabeth Stone about how having a child is like having your heart go walking around outside your body? Well. It gets way harder once that heart goes driving around outside your body. 

He is driving my old Saturn. I told him we could trade it for something else but he was all about it because there is plenty
of room in the back for the ginormous subwoofer he requested for his birthday in July. Because these days it is apparently all about that BASS. For realz.

October, sweet October. The older I get, the more I love it. This year, along with this first week of November, it has brought us way more than our fair share of rainfall but we've had a few pretty days and got in a Sunday day trip up to the mountains a few weeks ago. Devin decided he'd stay home and catch up on sleep because he's a teenager and what could possibly be more boring than riding around with your parents and little brother looking at leaves? 

This was the second year of not having a trick-or-treater at Halloween so I got nostalgic and dug up these old photos of their toddler days...

This was Devin as Batman in 2002 (the costume was too big but the smallest one we could find and he wanted to be Batman that year more than anything in the entire world) and Dracen as my little monkey in 2004. "Monkey" was once my nickname for him but shh...keep that on the down low. Everyone kept calling him a mouse and I finally gave up correcting them. 

And because there were no kids to dress up, the dogs got decorated. I think they are just relieved I didn't put costumes on them this year. But there is always next year... 

And I think that pretty much brings us to the present, aside from the train ride we took to Charlottesville, Virginia last Sunday but more on that later. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging!

    That's crazy about prom. Professional photographers following kids around? Huh? Crazy!

  2. As soon as I saw your comments on "Airing My Laundry", something told me you had dachshunds...and I was right! All four of your pups are adorable! :-)

  3. It's nice to see your name pop up in my reader. I will say that kids driving is my least favorite thing about parenting : ) Also my girls are in their 20's but I still feel 35. Not sure how I'm not?

  4. I know all about blogging breaks girl. It just seems really hard to find the time these days.
    I totally agree with you on the young drivers. My boy will not turn 16 until April, but he has started leaving the house with other friends who have recently started driving. No one prepared us for this!! Praying mommas unite. :)

  5. What a great recap of the last several months! Your first tale of the slipcover gave me a chuckle as I could picture the wrestling around trying to get the darn thing back on! Nothing ever seems to go as intended sometimes. Your vacation photos look great! Wish we could go back to summer ~ I miss it already! My daughter has been scooting around in her own car now for about 6 months now (she was a late bloomer with the driving thing thank goodness!), and my son is almost ready to take his driving exam. I can say that it sure is a whole different experience having children who drive, and yes, I sure do pray a lot more these days. ;) You have a handsome set of boys, and such adorable fur babies! Love your newest addition. :) What's with these teenagers nowadays - Lol! We're just not cool enough to hang out with, I guess. I tell ya'!