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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waking Up

I think I accidentally allowed my blog to go into hibernation mode. Once I realized what had happened, I prodded and poked at it on a few different occasions but it just would not wake up. So I just decided to leave it alone for awhile, telling myself it would wake up on its own eventually. Or die. One or the other. 

It's finally awake today though I can't promise I'll be able to keep it back on its feet full-time. 

But while it's awake...

***The Sony Vaio laptop finally bit the dust (courtesy of Dracen) a few weeks ago. I went to plug it in when the low battery light came on, but nada. Nothing. No connection was being made with the still-new battery I bought just a few months ago, even after the wiggling and jiggling of it, and the eventual taking-apart-of-it by Charlie. Dracen finally confessed that he'd dropped it earlier in the day. 

Like I was at all surprised. 

But we did have a good long run and I had been secretly (okay, not so secretly) coveting the Mac for a sweet forever. The practical side of me would not, however, allow myself to go there when I still had a perfectly good functioning laptop at home. 

I went with the Macbook Air and I think (after almost two weeks) I am finally fully on board. I won't lie though, it was a little slow-going there for the first couple of days. At one point, I may have even declared to myself that I'd just made the biggest purchase mistake of my life. But now? I am perfectly pleased with the Mac. 

*** My boys are still being "my boys". And if you have spent any time at all in their presence (or simply reading this blog) then you have a pretty good handle on what all that entails. They still bicker like the dickens and argue with everything that comes out of my (or Charlie's) mouth. 

But Dracen did get straight A's this past nine weeks (though his grades have never really been a problem...I'm holding out hope for the behavior award this next 9 weeks) and I walked by Devin's cracked door last night and had to back up and take a peek in to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. And I WAS. He was, for the first time I can ever recall, sitting at his desk (Remember the one that belonged to Charlie that I slaved over making over a couple years ago?) doing homework.

ALGEBRA homework. 

I poked my head in to find that he was none too happy about the Algebra homework, and just Algebra in general (and I truly felt his pain on that so, so, so deeply) but he was doing it. On.his.own. 

A little while later he walked into the living room and handed me a sheet of Science vocabulary words to quiz him on. It was like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. I almost cried happy tears. 

***Dracen was sitting beside me on the couch last night when I plugged my iPhone into the Mac and began transferring the humpteen gazillion photos I had on there. He was watching them whiz by on the screen during the process and at one point yelled out, "Who's that hippie?!"

Say what? I had no inkling whatsoever who he could have been talking about since I could not recall hanging out with any hippies recently (or in the past 30 or so odd years).

We sat and flipped back through them once it was done and the photo he was referring to was of Darin and me, (taken on Halloween night, 1998) that I must have scanned on there for some reason at some point. Probably to post here on the blog though I'm pretty sure I never did. (I think I would recall putting this little gem out here)

I'm fairly certain I was still in a state of shock since I'd just that day taken a (positive) pregnancy test and Darin had just that minute announced it to his parents. (Yes, Devin was about the size of a grain of rice here) We had stopped by their house on our way to a party where I sat staring out into the wild blue yonder sipping on a can of Sprite before cutting out early.

Darin was in full "Rilo" character mode here. A few years before, he and I and another couple, who were good friends of his, all dressed up like hippies for a Halloween party. He gave his character a name (Rilo) and from then on out, you never knew when or where Rilo may just up and make an appearance. 


(The Elvira witch had a real short run since we never saw hide nor big black hair from her again.)

How's that for #throwbackthursday? 


  1. Rilo looks like an old boss I once had.
    Elvira was a good look. You should bring her back next Halloween.

  2. Good to see you back and hear that not much has changed. I,too, have been silent. Hoping to get back to it soon!

  3. I wonder if uncle Leo inspired this character? Although I'm sure they never met.... It looks strikingly similar. So glad you are BACK:-)

  4. Good to see all is well. :) We just bought a new computer, but since Oldest's laptop only survived, oh... like 16 months, we went with a desktop this time for him.

    He should be done paying me back just about the time he turns 16...

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes! Glad to see you back!