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Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday?

Well no more than I'd gotten the blog here to wake the heck up, it went and dozed right back off again. Kinda like Dracen in the mornings. And (to be fair) me too.  I have to set my alarm for 15 to 25 minutes before I actually need to be up. Oh yes, the old snooze feature (formerly known as the snooze button) and I have been on a first name basis for decades.  But I really don't want to get started on my and Dracen's borderline disabling morning incoherence because heaven knows, I have spent enough time rambling on about that little issue in the nearly four years since I started this blog. 

It seems I had a lot more to say four years ago than I have as of late and I have thought many times over the past year of just putting my blogging pen back in the drawer and retiring it for good. Something, however, has not allowed me to do that just yet so maybe I've got a few things left in me to say after all...

The weather we've been experiencing over the past week has been a story in itself...biggest snowfall we've seen here in ten years last Wednesday and Thursday accompanied at one point by some "thunder snow" (that I didn't hear), an earthquake (that I didn't feel), temps. reaching 70 degrees this week and thunderstorms with strong winds and pouring rain this morning that I most definitely did hear and feel, thanks to an early morning awards ceremony at Dracen's school.

It was the awards ceremony from their last nine weeks of school that was originally scheduled for the week we had the first (little) snow and got cancelled due to a three hour delay that day, rescheduled for last Thursday (the day of the BIG snow) and of course, canceled again. So finally today they had it, in spite of the thunder, lightning and pouring and blowing-sideways rain. That's always fun. Especially at 7:45 a.m. 

But Dracen was acknowledged for making A honor roll. I'm, of course, proud of him for that but I'm hoping, wishing, praying, and crossing my fingers that the good behavior award is not a thing of his distant past. This is the first year he has not received it (either of the two nine weeks they have completed so far). 

I've nearly given up my lectures on why he should not be doing so much excessive talking in class. His most recent reply to me was, "I just can't help myself. I AM A PEOPLE PERSON." 

I cannot even attempt to relate since I was (and pretty much still am) the polar opposite. I only recall ever getting in trouble once in my entire twelve years of public school and that was in middle school band. I was in there with all my peeps (fellow band geeks) and we had a brand new band teacher who had recently relocated to Georgia all the way from Michigan. He had absolutely no control over his students, for reasons I could not even tell you, but that's just the way it was.

Somehow I managed to crawl out of my shell on this particular day and hop up on the chairs to join the let's-see-how-close-we-can push-this-poor-soul-to-the-edge-today party that was well under way around me. I will never forget him stomping off to his office all red-faced and leaning over his desk to scribble out notes for all us little troublemakers to take home to our parents. 

This was completely foreign and uncharted territory for me as I was suddenly aware when he handed me my very first (and last) naughty note. I can't recall what my mother said when I showed it to her but I think she was so shocked and bewildered that she didn't know whether to be mad or relieved that I had finally emerged from my shell in a public setting. She didn't need to punish me anyway because I sure enough did not like that feeling I had in the pit of my stomach about the whole incident which is why I never allowed myself to get in that sort of predicament again (at least not at school).


I had not planned on taking that little blast-from-the-past-stroll all the way back to 1984 this morning but sometimes the blinking cursor and keyboard just have a way...

(1984, 7th grade band)
(and my eyes were closed)
(must have been morning)
So glad I was smart enough back then to write "me" and draw those pointing arrows on every single photo of myself in all those yearbooks else I may not have remembered who I was {eye roll}.


  1. Congrats to him for making all As.

    My daughter has a problem with the talking too. She thinks it's rude to tell them to be quiet.

  2. Too funny!!! You are braver than I am posting for all the world to see:-)

  3. I'm glad you haven't given up yet! You are missed!

  4. Congrats on the honor roll. Today was the honors breakfast for my two hooligans... they chose to attend the school breakfast rather than go to breakfast out with me.

    I was insulted until I realized that meant I had the whole day to myself.