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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just some stuff about some things

I'm still suffering a pretty severe case of the writer's block so I thought I'd just make a list of some of my most recent observations, discoveries, and whatnot...

1. I was checking out at Target this week when I was asked for i.d. This puzzled me for two reasons... 1) I haven't been mistaken for under 21 in a real long time,  and 2) I was not buying alcohol or anything else I could think of that would in any way require me to present identification.  

Confused, I looked at the cashier sideways and said, "Why? What did I buy?" He then proceeded to lift the Triaminic cold/cough formula up and said, "Just tell me your date of birth".  

So yeah, I got semi-carded while purchasing some cold medicine for my 10 year old. The world is becoming a strange place to me.

2. Just before I went to Target, I was in Old Navy waiting in line (new cashier in training) to buy a pair of sweatpants I found on clearance for 11.94 when I heard one of the most annoying sounds known to my ears.

I looked up to see the culprit (a young-ish male) exiting the store in his jeans and flip flops though his should have been called flip slides because he was giving them that little half flip and then shuffling them across the floor with no flop to speak of....


Ugh. They are called flip FLOPS for a reason. Please pick up your feet and flop them properly! 

3. I read an online article last week that I have not been able to stop thinking about, 6 Words You Should Say Today. Best.advice.ever. So simple yet somehow I never thought to do it. I have really taken these words to heart and encourage you to click on over and read it too.

4. Ever since I got my first iPhone last year I've had the morning alarm set on the  Marimba sound. Those of you who have an iPhone no doubt know this one well because I think 90 percent of iPhone users use it for their ringtone. 

I say this because every time I'm out in public, without fail, I hear this sound at least once and it because it reminds me of my stinkin' alarm so rudely and LOUDLY waking me up at 6:15 a.m., five days a week. I start having flashback twitches because all I can think is HELLOOOO! WAKE UP!!!! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP NOW!!!

It has truly become one of the most annoying sounds imaginable to me (right up there with flip-SLIIIDE). So I finally got smart last night and changed it to the Harp sound. And it actually worked! I mean I won't go so far as to say I was happy about my alarm going off this morning but it was so much less disturbing to my sleep peace.

5. Neither of my boys have ever been big reading-for-pleasure kind of dudes, much to my book-loving chagrin, which is why I am always beyond thrilled when I see one of them take an interest in a book, any book. 

Dracen bought some books at his school book fair a couple of weeks ago and  read this one for over an hour last night! So if you have a 3rd-7th grade boy who is not that into reading, here ya go. Thank you, Jeffrey Brown.

6. I get more excited than I probably should about the return of t.v. this time of year. The best new show I've seen thus far is Blacklist with James Spader that aired Monday night at 10 pm on NBC. I've always found James Spader to have such an irresistible sort of mysterious creepiness about him that nobody else possesses. 

I mean creepy, mysterious and irresistible? In one person? Who can do that? Only James Spader. 

7. And lastly, just a few reasons why I love  the Pinterest so dang much. 



Happy Thursday,

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  1. First off I love whatnots. Those six words everyone should say..well I had tears streaming down my cheeks as I read so thank you for that.

  2. I know why you got carded on the cold medicine. There is an ingredient in it called DTM which can be taken in excess and cause a feeling like drinking a lot of alcohol. It is starting to be the new thing to do for teenagers to get high with.

    I've got Blacklist on the dvr and need to still watch it.

  3. Gotta agree with Black list. Suspenseful and a bit goofy too.

    It aint Star Wars but my son enjoyed The Sugar Creek Gang series. Not that he was a reader but we read to him every night till he could read. Then he quit.

  4. I like hearing your thoughts on all of these things. I call these hodge podge posts and I love them! :)

  5. Watched the Goldberg's and trophy wife Monday night. They were pretty funny! Goldberg's was especially funny because it had "teen driving" as part of the episode and I have a few "teen driver's".

    One of my kiddos has started reading the Percy Jackson books.

  6. Love the last one! Still with you on the WRiter's Block. :-(

  7. The world is indeed a strange place. Love the Pinterest posters : )

  8. Triamenic? What? I think that you need an intervention lady.
    My husband is a flip-slider. It is the worst sound ever, especially when we are in Home Depot since the floors are that weird glossed over concrete. GAH!!!!

  9. Yeah... I have actually had to go through a line TWICE and pay separately because the kids needed different medicines for different colds/symptoms. I'll have to check out that book, it's right up Youngest's alley. :)

    Also struggling with the writers block... maybe it's the full moon/no moon/waning crescent?

  10. I will check out Black List, thanks for mentioning it.