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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brother 1 and Brother 2

Last night at Dracen's game (he's playing fall baseball) he got a base hit and was on first already thinking of stealing second when Charlie overheard the first base coach telling him to wait for his instruction. After he had already taken off and stolen second, the coach then turned to a spectator on the other side of the fence and said, "You gotta watch that one."  Charlie was laughing when he told me what he'd just heard because you have no idea, brother... no i-dea! 

Before we left for the game he came out of his room in his Orioles uniform (black with orange accents) and clomped into the living room with his cleats on, knowing full well he is not supposed to have the cleats on in the house. When Charlie reminded him, what did he do? Jumped up on the door frame, one cleat-ed foot on each side of it. As if that was somehow better than having the cleats on the floor.

He then went outside for all of 30 seconds before bursting back through the door shouting, "THIS IS SALMON! THIS IS SALMON!" And no, not the fish. The color. He was referring to the spandex-ish long-sleeved shirt I'd found at Old Navy last week for him to wear underneath his uniform on chilly nights. And it It was the exact color orange that's in his shirt, belt and socks though he swore to me it looked salmon outside in the sunlight. 

"So take it off then!", I shouted back. And that he did. 

Sweet mercy, that child of mine  is "spirited". 

But although that spirit wears me slap out on most any given day, I love that he is the way he is.  Unlike his brother and me, you rarely have to wonder what is going on in that head of his because he will not hesitate to fill you right in on whatever happens to be eating at him. 

Devin, though he is not quite the extreme introvert as I, is mostly just the opposite. 

Normally when I pick him up at school, he has very little (if anything at all) to say before popping in his earbuds. But today he had something he deemed important enough to get off his chest... "I'm not going to be able to get my license until way late!" 

"Come again?", I replied. 

He went on with his attempt to explain how he is not allowed to take drivers ed until he's 14 and a half and so he can't get his permit until....and yeah,, yeah, it'll be like halfway through junior year before he can get his license what with that July birthday and all. 

(The nerve of me to give him a summer birthday. Gah!) 

I was so completely lost and not understanding a word he was throwing at me. While I think he's confused, I must confess that, if he isn't, delaying this whole parent-of-a-teenage-boy-driving thing does not sound like an entirely bad deal to me. 

I'm just saying,

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  1. Trust me, Delaying it aint horrible thang.

  2. Diane...delay it at all costs! Once they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it's all over! The worry sets in..LOTS of it! Where are they going, who are they with, did they remember to "buckle up"? The list goes on and on. Enjoy what you have now while it lasts.

  3. Tell him my boys had to wait until SIXTEEN for driver's ed, 16 1/2 for a licence (if they are lucky) and even then it's a JR. operator's so they can't have ANYONE in the back seat (besides a sibling) until EIGHTEEN! Oh, and if you are pulled over even 1 mile over the speed limit, your licence is pulled until 18 and it's $1,000 to get it back.

    *sigh* Good ol' Massachusetts.

  4. Tell him you didn't get yours until you were 18!! Teenage drivers stink! Hold off as long as possible.

    Hearing you describe the boys personalities takes me back to when we were kids. Fun, happy, times;). And, boy does God have a sense if humor.

  5. What? 14? seriously? In Canada we have to wait until we are 16. Then we have to wait an entire year before we can actually take the drivers test. Then in a year after that, we have to do a second test. It's all a money thing because I assure you, we still suck at driving.
    I love your kids. I love the things they say.

  6. I love that he knows that salmon is a color! Good job Mama! And yeah, the whole driving thing... up north, you couldn't even get your permit until you were 16, and my child has an October birthday and was reshirted, so he'll be driving WAY early!

  7. I'll probably make my kids wait until 16. Tommy will be fine with that. My daughter, who is also spirited, will not I can bet...

  8. I am so glad my son hasn't realized he will probably be delayed too. Let's not tell him.