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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That's going to hurt tomorrow

So I finally got back in the gym yesterday and today, after taking the entire summer (and then some) off. While I did manage to get in some exercise and yoga at home, it was not even close to what I get in the classes at the gym because I tend to work myself at about 25 percent. 

At home I'm too easily distracted by such things as Pinterest and the Saga of the Candy that must be Crushed. (Why I had to go and jump on that bandwagon is beyond me but good.) Plus, I have these three little four-legged face lickers who all come prepared to pounce because  Hell-O it is PLAYTIME! (Why else would mama be down here on the floor?)

Yesterday was Pilates class and I felt the soreness beginning to set in before I ever got all the way out of the bed this morning but definitely not the worst I've ever felt and I never really mind that kind of pain anyway because I think of it as a sort of accomplished pain. (A pain with a purpose) As opposed to the stumping-of-the-pinkie-toe-while-getting-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-go-pee kind of pain, ya know?

And I knew today was yoga which meant I'd get to stretch all that muscle soreness right on out. Yoga has always been kind to me and I eased right back in... 

Ahh,Yoga. Where have you been all my summer? I have missed you so...Down Dog, Child's Pose, Brave Warrior,Tree Pose...I love them all. Well, almost. Sometimes she likes to throw in one of those give-it-a-try-just-for-fun kind of poses that chews up my pride and spits it out because I cannot, for the love of all that is holy and pure, get my body to do it. (Especially when my body hasn't been to yoga class for three and a half months)

Like the one she threw at us today...the one I have never (try as hard as I might) been able to do...the dreaded Bakasana aka Crow Pose. 

It's supposed to look like this.

Looks easy enough, right?

Usually I give it two or three tries, realize it's most likely not going to happen in this lifetime, laugh it off and move on. But today? Today something came over me and I pulled a Little Blue Engine with the whole I-think-I-can attitude. And for a (very brief) moment there I got into the position. I'm talking like two whole seconds I held it. 

So then I convinced myself I could hold it for at least three...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

But this?

Never happened.

This did.


My little blue engine lied.

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  1. After feeling like I was dragging along all summer, I had one of the best yoga classes this week... same class, same instructor, but it was like my body went, "Oh, I remember now!" And no crow for me either... don't have the arm strength!

  2. For 3 weeks now, I've been back into 4 x a week workouts...... Until Monday! My sciatic nerve decided to get out of whack:(. So, I'm headed to chiropractor ASAP this morning. Maybe a good long walk today?

    Getting back into the exercise routine makes me "happy, happy, happy!

  3. HAHAH!!!!
    Oh I love yoga. I used to partake in Vinyasa (not sure if I spelled that right)'s geared to people with bad backs. I loved how I felt physically and mentally afterwards.
    Now, those poses?
    I'd be right there with you, with a matching goose egg on our foreheads.

  4. Ay! So sorry! That is just one more reason for me to stay away from yoga! LOL!

  5. I admire anyone who can do yoga...and do it well. I've tried...EPIC FAIL!

  6. Way. Too. Funny.

    (The post, not the face plant. OUCH!)

    Sadly, I really don't even think I could hold myself up at all.