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Friday, October 19, 2012

TGIF...And Some Funnies

It was one of those mornings.  I woke up, still dark outside but with no alarm going off, and immediately knew something was so not right. I quick turned on the lamp and realized that my iPhone, which is my alarm, was nowhere in the immediate vicinity, grabbed my glasses off the table so I could make out the clock across the room and saw that it was about 10 til 7.  NOT good.  

I ran out into the hallway, flung the boys' doors open and started yelling, "GET UP!  GET UP QUICK! WE'VE OVERSLEPT!!!" over and over again. This bit of news nor my frantic state did a thing to rouse Dracen out of his early morning I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass attitude. I could have ridden a donkey into his room whilst wearing a sombrero and playing the banjo and I think his response would have been exactly the same...Why, how dare you have the audacity to wake me from my peaceful slumber? 

We somehow, miraculously, made it out of the house on time even with my pausing to do a quick search and rescue call for my phone.  That thing had vanished.  I knew I had it on the couch just before going to bed last night but could not figure out, for the life of me, why I had not plugged it in and placed it on my bedside table before getting into bed.  I have never not done that.  Ever.  And where in the Sam Hill was the darned thing?!  

I didn't have much time after getting back from dropping them off at school because I had Dracen's first quarter awards ceremony at the elementary school at 8:45 and my hair was completely out of sorts since I'd washed it and gone to bed with it still partially wet. 'Hot mess' does not even begin to describe it.  

But I stood in the middle of the living room and called it again, hearing not a thing.  I knew it could not be dead because it was not going directly to voice mail.  I traced the steps I'd made just before bedtime and for a brief second I thought I had put it into the dryer but (whew!), not there.  

So I walked back to the bedroom, stood at the bathroom door, and called it one more time.  I heard it!  But where the heck was it?!  In my closest?floor?  WTH?  But sure enough, there it was.  Then I remembered I had put two pairs of shoes away (and by 'put away' I mean I opened the door and flung them in) and apparently had it in my hand when I did because it was completely buried alive by shoes.  

Thank God it's Friday.  

And because it is I give you,

Funny sh*t I pinned this week...

 Why is this so hilarious?  Say it ain't just me.

Oh, how I wish. 

Because I.can.relate!

If I had a dime for every morning I've felt this way...

This photo speaks my love language on so many levels!

Happy Friday, Y'all!  

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  1. Last photo is hilarious and I'm not even into dogs:)

    I think we have gotten up late every morning this week! UGH! Maybe when we get that extra hour of sleep it will get easier.

    I didn't lose my phone but my Nike Fuel band. I'm running a 1/2 marathon in a couple of weeks. I had the thing Monday. I couldn't find it Wednesday for a short run. Today, I needed to do a longer run. It tracks my pace, mileage, etc. It always makes me feel better to look at my progress. I finally found it in the car between the front seats under some junk. I have no idea why it was there?

    I was thinking maybe one of your dogs got your phone?

  2. Oh I hate those mornings! I haven't had one in a long time and I hope it stays that way.

    Seeing your pins lets me know I haven't been on my blog pinterest account all week or I probably would have repinned some of these!

  3. Hey Diane! It's been a long time! :) This routine sounds all too familiar. I can never find my phone. EVER.

    Also, I wish common sense was more common too!

  4. You do know that there is a little piggy app. right?

    I also woke up late on Friday...720, we leave the house (on days I have off) at 740. Wasn't pretty my friend...