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Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Hallowiener Costumes

I may have been known to dress the Darling wieners up a time or two, taken photos of them and then posted them on this here blog.    I seem to have a thing for dogs in costume, especially wiener dogs. And we are all allowed a little bit of crazy every now and then, after all, aren't we?  

As I mentioned here awhile back, I was in TJMaxx when I spotted some football costumes for dogs and came this close to buying two of them, one for Brisco Darling and one for Lucky the Lemon Beagle but ended up passing since they did not have a cheerleader costume for Charlene. I was quite disappointed.  Thus far, I have not bought any of them a costume so they may get off scot-free this year. Though you never know what I may end up pulling out of the hat at the last minute.  

Anyway, this week's Monday Listicles topic is 10 Halloween Costumes so I thought I'd give you all a little taste of the crazy  Monday laugh by posting ten photos of wiener dogs in costume.  You are welcome.  

1. The Bumble Bee Wiener.  This was Charlene Li'l Bit Darling's costume in 2010 and she was not, as you can see, the least bit pleased with me over this whole ordeal.  In fact, I think she was wishing me dead at the precise moment I snapped this.   

2. Pretty Dachsie Pirate. I found this little pissed off beauty on Pinterest.  I want an English Cream Dachshund in the worst way.
Diane via Diana Sterling
3. Deputy Dachshunds.  "Git ya hands up!"

Diane via Saskia Niehorster

4. A Horse, Of Course. This is Brisco Darling on Halloween, 2010.  I laughed until I cried watching him try to walk in this before giving in to his pleading eyes by taking it off and placing him out of his humiliating state of misery.  

5. American Bobsled Hotdog Team. Wiener Dog Olympics? 
Via Costume Works
6. The Fairy Princess Dachsie. Here we have Charlene/Li'l Bit on last year's Halloween.  She has just about perfected the eat-sh*t-and-die look, don't you think?  

7. First Place Dachshund. I am dying here.
Via Buycostumes blog 

8. Wal-mart Shopper. This is so wrong.  
Via Pinterest
9. The Wiener Shark. This is Mr. Darling last Halloween.  He refused to even look at me.  

10.  The Superdachsie with Moxie. Yes, yes I did just post this photo on my Friday's post and the other one a time or two as well.  But this little guy just makes me happier than a bird with a french fry.

 Diane via Lois Bruno

Happy Hallowiener,

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  1. I am melting over the wirehairs, makes me miss mine!
    I've never heard of an English Cream dachshund - ADORABLE!!!
    I love this post!

  2. OK the Walmart one had me laughing.

  3. Dog, with jockey. Cannot stop laughing!!

  4. #'s 5, 7, and 8 are my favorites! Too, too funny! I think our sweet Maddie just ran under the sofa for fear I'm going to make one for her.

  5. These are awesome. Love it. The Walmart shopper had me in stitches. I think some dogs were just born for dressing up. And some for being cross dressers ( no offence poodles).
    Cannot wait to see what your cuties are dressed up in this year!

  6. These are so funny, thanks for making me laugh! The jockey one is my fav!

  7. This cracked me up!!!!

    My favorites are the deputies, the bobsled and my top pick has to be the Wal-mart shopper!

    I can't wait to show these to my husband! lol


  8. I can not even pick a favorite! That was the best therapy for today...being home with a sick little one is no fun but we laughed and laughed and belly giggled over these. Thanks!!!

  9. I think the jockey one is my favourite, too! Cute!

  10. Great pics! I loved the Bobsled Hot Dog team. I really had a hard time not busting out loud in laughter at the Walmart shopper.

  11. Hysterical! Love how your dogs won't even look at you for the pics...I can feel their humiliation. My favorite is the First Place outfit.

  12. happier than a bird with a french fry

    It's catchy, right? :) I love the Walmart shopper... it's so wrong it's awesome.

  13. The first place dachshund is hilarious!!!!!

  14. You got a slightly new look! I thought so the other day, but my computer was being all weird and I thought maybe it wasn't loading correctly!

    Too funny... My children's dad has a dachshund and we have sent costumes before.

  15. Poor doggies, they look so pissed off! ;-)

  16. I have never seen more hilarious dog costume pictures! The Wal-Mart Shopper is definitely so wrong, but SO funny!

  17. I am cracking up! And, my kiddos came to see what I was looking at. There were lots of "ohs and ahs):)

  18. Oh My God those are freaking ADORABLE!!!! Makes me want a tiny dog so badly!

  19. Best thing about Halloween, kids dressed up in costumes! Second best thing, pets! LOL! Loved your top ten!